Often asked questions



What do you think are some often asked questions here on this board? I need some suggetions.

here are a couple that come to mind:

“I keep hearing the sound from my first track on all my other tracks”
“How do I get more (better) sounds for my midi files other than MS Wavetable Synth?”

Thanks for the help,

If you compile them, ask Don over at AudioMinds for some space. I don’t speak for them, but a lot of us over there have been working on similar things. (How to work SoundFOnts, etc.) AM might be a willing participant in this. I don’t want to promise anything as there are some hard feeling between some folks, but I would hope something for the betterment of the community would be could get past that.

A very common question seems to be one along the lines of:

"Help! The dog/cat/babysitter has eaten my registration number; can anyone help me 'cos I need a number urgently!!!"

Or some sort of variation of that.

Well, we all know that in ten percent of the cases, the answer is; “feed your dog/cat/babysitter more often, then contact Flavio”.

And in 90% of the cases, the question really means, "Duh! Anyone got serialz or warez appz crackz for n-track?"

And in that case, the answer is; "Yeah, no prob me old mate, just go into DOS, and type: XDEL ."




Someone type up a Q&A list and I’ll stick 'em up on phootoons.com…maybe even ntracks.phootoons.com.

But, what is being asked that isn’t covered by AudioMinds? Seems like that if there are lots of unanswered questions they should either be there (generic to recording) or on www.fasoft.com (specific to ntracks).

My opinion is that it IS a good idea and we can get it going, but eventually it should be incorporated into fasoft as part of its FAQ page.

Some FAQs i remember in this forum:

1-"Where is Flavio?"
2-"Someone knows what will have the next version?"
4-“From where the man comes?”


The generic faq type questions they have at audiominds seem to address the basic elements of recording. But there are things they do not seem to cover. Like how to make a drum part in n, what a vsti is and why you might want to use one, etc. I have found very little relating to midi in general at audiominds. I mean, if they want to add more midi stuff, go ahead. But I was just trying to get something done. shrugs and I’m sure there are things other than midi that need to be addressed. I just can’t think of any at the present moment, because the vsti things is kinda on my brain lately.


I understand, and I agree. That’s why I suggest someone write up a list of question and answers (if they have them). Even a list of questions in one place with no answers is a start.

A: Flavio lives in some part of the world I’ve never seen. :)

This a pretty good tutorial about vsti: http://www.audiominds.com/training/Sfz.html It’s not text – text being a nice addition. A tutorial like this is WONDERFUL but it’s not a reference and doesn’t answer many questions.

Don’t get discouraged Fish, I think it’s a good idea.

Unfortunately, I can’t think of any questions at the moment, and I know too little to contribute any answers.

But there’s no reason your FAQ has to be part of Audiominds. This site can co-exist quite happily with them, each complimenting and supporting the other.

Anyway, do you really want everything you write to be constrained by the fact that it has to meet Mac’s approval? :D


Yeah. Videos like that are alway kinda surreal Like “hey, who is that controling my n-Track?” The problem with that video, and a lot of what is on audiominds, it seems, is that it is a how to, not a why should I? Most noobs will never take a tutorial on how to set up a VSTi. They don’t want that, they just want better midi sounds. Get it? :;):


Tweaks Guide http://www.tweakheadz.com/guide.htm

I think this gets around most newbies questions, and even answers many oldbies questions too!

From the MIDI standpoint, Marce and I have gone back and forth talking about writing a MIDI tutorial of sorts. But it will be much more than “how to work sfz”. It would include what in the world MIDI is/isn’t, why someone would care, etc.