OGG file

sounds real good

I got curious and made a copy of a wav drum track then changed it to org vorbis. The wav file is 44mb I converted to a 99% org vorbis file and the file is 14mb. I seriously can’t hear any difference in quality so far.
I’m going to track a demo in orgness.

Ogg is lossy, so every unpack and resave will lose a little. It will become very obvious eventually. A first generation loss may indeed be very hard to hear. It also depends on the musical content. Some sounds lose less than others.

So I’ve got the original take, a mix and then a master and by then it’s a lossy.
Oh yea the mp3… I’ll play with it a little to see how much is obvious
Resave? Did you mean every time I save the song file it will lose some gusto?

I don’t think you want to track/mix with Ogg or any lossy format.
Recompressing Ogg -> Ogg or mp3 -> mp3 or any combo of lossy formats
will result in more loss of fidelity. They are really meant for
archive and distribution.

there are lossless forms of wma and ape if you have some need to save space as you record…???

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

Hi 7, yada
Thx Jeremy I’m just messin with it.
What I’m wanting is to save resources wile mixing
If someone would think of a way to make an ov file or an mp3, a none lossy file it could be worth trillions.
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Hi 7, yada

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