oh daddy

Death by Guitar

we wanted to write a slow song cos we just dont do that normally but we couldnt find a lyric to fit… but my FAWm stuff sorted that out for us & we seem to have moved away from the fun stuff for a bit longer
we couldnt get the acoustic guitar to record very well tho but apart from that were very happy with it… of course it might be i dont normally play acoustic so i dont know how to play it well not record it well!


i spose you just put a mic in front of an acoustic? is it any more complicated?
oh yes & we didnt even need gsnap!! what a performence ally put in!!

The acoustic sounds fine to me, except when you hear it all by itself. Nice synth stuff in there, too. And the background vox are really effective. That’s a really nice song. Seems like the mix is missing low end overall, however.


yea - I like this a lot - great vocal. Mix needs “taming” in my opinion. notch down all the obvious. Just my take though. The quality of the lead vocal needs to ride un-affected by any distractions - 'cause it’s just so dang good. :agree:

Quote: (bright lights tonight @ Mar. 10 2011, 12:54 AM)

i spose you just put a mic in front of an acoustic? is it any more complicated?

The usual temptation is to stick a mic towards the soundhole. That usually results in a boomy sound. You can try moving the mic around to see what different sounds you get. Subtle movements can make changes in sound. Around the 12th fret angled slightly towards the body is always a safe starting point.

Great stuff, this one.

Sonically it sounds great (perhaps except for that guitar at the very end).

Well played, well sung, well mixed. :) Nice.

thanks evryone pleased you all like it we reckoned it was probly the best weve done yet
i was worried the lyric might put people off its not our usual fun style

I cant DL or get it to stream!!

it works ok when i try it duff? it wont stream but it downloads ok

Tina, this song is very good. My advice on your acoustic guitars would be to just use a nice reverb to expand the sound, soften the impact of the notes. The vocals sounded very professional, and I like the slap-back. Ditto on the backing vocals too. Top notch job on this song, I think.

thanks danny glad you liked it & thanks for the advice

I love it when you go quiet on us, Tina. Usually means you’ve been workin’ on another cracker.

Are you tracking At-a-Distance????
OR Do you get together?
I believe Ally lives some 80 miles from you… Is that right ????
If you track separately, do you collaborate on line?


thankyou tony but no new songs weve got plenty written but were trying to get this video done
ally moving has made recording music difficult but its made making videos almost grind to a halt
gone are the days when we could set evrything up & film a bit evryday till we got it done

the only way we record anything bill is if ally drives up here & stays overnight & thats happening about once a month & you know how women like to chat & we do like to drink aswell so its not always producive