Oh My Baby

Build 0.1.3

Please help me make it better. Thx!!!

Ok for you who might be keeping score.
I remixed again tonight, early enough to use outboard monitors and have what I think is a pretty decent mix.
Other than layering which I don’t normally do because I wan’t to be able to reproduce the sound with 3 piece if asked to.
But if your hearning any problems in this mix please let me know.
Or if your having a problem with any of it.

Now it’s so dynamic I’m missing cymbal crashes @ 2:06 and around 2:09 and other assorted spots. I can send you some if you want.

Thx PW, Cymbols 2:06 and 09? What else good buddy?

That’s all I missed… Sounds great the way it is though!

mix sounds good to me. love that texas guitar tone. i’m a big fan of putting some grit on the bass line, especially on a walking tune like this. just a little, for some emphasis, for a little growl. not enough to compete with the guitar though. personal taste matter, really, not a flaw.

Hey thx guys!
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child!
Man’child no doubt! So definitely need the feed back.
PW your mixs are so good that any mix compliment from u is gold!

Jason I pushed the bass because of your point and it does sound much better. I get into these circles where I push the bass and think ooops the guitar has to come up.
Then the vocal and then the drums and at that point I’m back at square one by bringing the master down!
lol I’m sure y’all can relate.
But I also have a rule I go by.
I can eather have a fat thumpin kick drum and a trimed bass guitar or a fatter b/guitar with a thinner kick.
I like to feel the thump of the kick more than a clicking type hit.
So I went for that but still managed to get a halfway decent fat bass too.
Nothing like your bass sound tho!

It’s at #49 on soundclicks blues chart.
Maybe it will catch on. Think I’ll have some booze! :D

Jason, about adding grit, think your right! As is you really have to strain to hear the bass on this song with a laptop. So I’m going to clone my bass track, thin the second one down a little, and try to figure out how to give it some grit. I’m also going to add some symbol hits. Any other tips are welcome.
Songs at 15, thanks for your help. :agree:

with my stuff it’s easier because i don’t have a kick drum, so the bass guitar gets to do whatever it wants on the low end!

i add grit with my bass amp simulator/hard-tweaking the mids on a 15-band eq for that track. i also use a multiband compressor as the first effect in the chain with the lows pretty squashed (to even them out) and the highs turned off. this is all because i record direct into the board. micing an amp would be a totally different animal, obviously.

I’m having trouble getting the bass to show itself on a laptop. I always try to avoid over compression by not compressing. I should probably squeeze the bass some. Oh yea I use a desktop vamp for the bass and it’s AC cord has two thin pins. And I didn’t realize that I didn’t have it grounded. So I’m also fighting a buzz on that track. Maybe I’ll rerecord the bass track. If I can’t do anything else. I’m getting lazy, I used to check things and double check them. Setup and adjust the settings, tuning and all the day or night before recording. So when I record I would have no hassles to brake my mood. Anymore I just plugin and hit record. My bad.

Comms up in the Box of Chocolates, Critics Corner!

Quote: (nixon1972 @ Dec. 14 2008, 8:35 PM)

Comms up in the Box of Chocolates, Critics Corner!

Nix, that was quite a review! In fact it was so good I had to run down to Bill Millers BBQ and get some! :D Your a good guy Nix. I owe you an apology though! I'm not a big guy. You kind of painted me as a big guy. It's true that I eat to much but on my tiptoes I do good to reach 6'. But everyting else you said was true :laugh: Your checks in the mail good buddy! That was very nice of you!