OK Build 4.0.3 has perked my interest.....

Thinking about upgrading from v3.3

I’ve been using V3.3 for a few years now. I love it. Very stable, excellent performance. I have been hesitant to upgrade to V4 because of initial bug reports. Now Flavio has slapped on quite a few goodies and I think it’s time.

V4.0.3 has customizable I/O naming! That is a sweet feature I have been wishing for for some time. Way to go Flav!!

Anybody still having issues with V4? I have the plastic in hand about to take the plunge…


works well for me.

What exactly is “customizable I/O naming”?

Instead of using default I/O names from your soundcard driver, you can name them something else. For eample, EMU Dock 1L becomes Lead Guitar, EMU Dock 1R becomes Rythym Guitar, EMU Dock 2L becomes Bass, etc… Set up your I/O once, name them and use an empty song for a template. Mispatching tracks inside n-Track is a thing of the past.

It’s a small but very helpful item. Thanks Flav!


But where exactly is it that you set these? I’ve looked in Settings/Audio Devices and Settings/Select I/O channels but can’t see it.

Select Track Properties. Beside the track I/O boxes is a button. Click it. I have not checked it out thoroughly because I am at work. I’ll see what gives when I get home to the real DAW. I hope it’s what I think it’s supposed to be. ???


I see it now - thanks.

For people with small setups, it’s probably not a big deal. My EMU has 18 available inputs and the system I’m putting in at church has 24. With that many I/O, being able to name them is a plus. Besides, most of the other guys packages allows naming. Flavio just knocked another block out from under the big boys IMO.