OK, here's an odd idea

I’ve decided to try to complete a different challenge, not the FAWM challenge (I’d do that again when Feb comes around), but the NaNoWriMo challenge: write a novel in the month of November. No, I’ve never written a novel. But my daughters are doing it, as well as a couple of colleagues from work, and it seems like a stupid idea for me. Anyone want to join in the fun?


Love to. What are the theme and title. Can’t wait to work on the music for the film!

Serious, you want to give this a try too?

Go sign up and be a “writing buddy” for me - TSpademan. I’ve posted some info there.

I’ll have look, Tom, but I’ll be as much use as the truth in an election campaign.

Well, the idea is to write a novel, no matter how bad. 50K words. You can do that. I plan on using automatic writing a la Andre Breton’s Soluble Fish. :laugh:

lol, writing a novel isn’t quite as easy as you might think. I completed my first back in April, and it’s published on Amazon as a Kindle. 90,000 words, and it spent 4 years sitting around, although most of the writing was done in a little over a month…

Took me six months and four drafts to write my 80,000 word novel - writing virtually every day for a minimum of four hours. (Well, if you count sitting at the computer staring at a blank screen as ‘writing’).

I’m quite sure I could do a draft in one month but it wouldn’t be something I’d let anybody actually read.

Oh, they say explicitly, this is not about quality, but about quantity. Same thing with FAWM. But I found that being forced to write a song every other day really helped get better at songwriting, and recording. I don’t expect anyone ever to read whatever I write. Well, maybe my wife. :agree:

Give me a link to what you guys have written.

BTW, I wrote a dissertation that resulted in a Magna Cum Laude, and I wrote almost all of it, except for one chapter, in the month before my wife and I got married. Not sure what that means.