OK, Hockey fans

how about that for musical chairs?

Lessee, Modano finally decided to stay with the Stars after all, Forsberg and Hatcher to the Flyers, Satan is no longer a Sabre but an Islander, Amonte and McCarty to the Flames and get to play with Iginla who will be very well off for the next few years, The oilers get Pronger and Peca, Leetch is back home in Boston, and Detro-it fan fav Dandenault got a big paycheck from Montreal, Gonchar gets a chance to skate with Bill’s local hero Crosby…and it goes on…mmm.mmm… this is gonna be a good season… :)

And the Leafs do…NOTHING. Big news here in Toronto.

I hate to say it this way… And a kid’s Hockey career is all too short, and all… But I think this outcome is gonna be good for the Sport of Hockey… These Big Wages just had to go… I think it would help all pro sports if they paid the kind of wages that allowed the ticket prices to fall to a price that would allow the average family to go to the rinks to see a “Live” game… The “Brits” call Baseball… “Rounders” But their Big Sport is in the same trouble as BaseBall… The wages they pay those kids for “Kick’in a Ball Around a Pitch” is criminal… I think the MapleLeaf Organization dropped their ticket prices… But I don’t think it was enough… IMO…


Hey, that’s true, the leafs did nothing. Why is that?

Bill, I’ve always admired the Sabres for their commitment to affordable seats - they have always had a “family section” that a family could afford now and then. I totally agree, the way this played out will be good for the game, although it means less money for players.

Check out this list:



------ -------- --------- -----
Tony Amonte, rw Calgary Philadelphia 2 years, $3.7 million
Adrian Aucoin, d Chicago NY Islanders 4 years, $16 million
Bryan Berard, d Columbus Chicago 2 years, $4.5 million
Patrice Brisebois, d Colorado Montreal 2 years, $4.5 million
Sheldon Brookbank, d Nashville Anaheim undisclosed
Mathieu Dandenault, d-rw Montreal Detroit 4 years, $6.9 million
Pavol Demitra, c Los Angeles St. Louis 3 years, $13.5 million
Aaron Downey, rw St. Louis Dallas 1 year, $450,000
Scott Ferguson, d Minnesota Edmonton undisclosed
Adam Foote, d Columbus Colorado 3 years, $13.8 million
Peter Forsberg, c Philadelphia Colorado 2 years, $11.5 million
Kurtis Foster, d Minnesota Anaheim undisclosed
Martin Gelinas, lw Florida Calgary 2 years, undisclosed
Sergei Gonchar, d Pittsburgh Boston 5 years, $25 million
Derian Hatcher, d Philadelphia Detroit 4 years, $14 million
Bobby Holik, c Atlanta NY Rangers 3 years, $12.75 million
Jason Labarbera, g Los Angeles NY Rangers 2 years, undisclosed
Martin Lapointe, rw Chicago Boston 3 years, $7.2 million
Brian Leetch, d Boston Toronto 1 year, $4 million
Vladimir Malakhov, d New Jersey Philadelphia 2 years, $7.2 million
Marek Malik, d NY Rangers Vancouver 3 years, $7.5 million
Darren McCarty, rw Calgary Detroit 2 years, $1.6 million
Shawn McEachern, rw Boston Atlanta 2 years, $2.1 million
Dan McGillis, d New Jersey Boston 2 years, $4.4 million
Andrei Nazarov, lw Minnesota Phoenix 1 year, $625,000
Scott Niedermayer, d Anaheim New Jersey 4 years, $27 million
Ville Nieminen, lw NY Rangers Calgary undisclosed
Joe Nieuwendyk, c Florida Toronto 2 years, $4.5 million
Teppo Numminen, d Buffalo Dallas 1 year, $2 million
Martin Prusek, g Columbus Ottawa 1 year, $625,000
Mike Rathje, d Philadelphia San Jose 5 years, $17.5 million
Gary Roberts, lw Florida Toronto 2 years, $4.5 million
Andre Roy, rw Pittsburgh Tampa Bay 3 years, $3 million
Martin Rucinsky, lw NY Rangers Vancouver undisclosed
Miroslav Satan, lw NY Islanders Buffalo 3 years, $12.9 million
Dave Scatchard, c Boston NY Islanders 4 years, $8.4 million
Jon Sim, lw Philadelphia Pittsburgh 1 year, $450,000
Martin Skoula, d Dallas Anaheim 2 years, $3.15 million
Jaroslav Spacek, d Chicago Columbus 2 years, $2.5 million
Cory Stillman, c Carolina Tampa Bay 3 years, $5.25 million
Martin Straka, c NY Rangers Los Angeles 1 year, $3 million
Chris Therien, d Philadelphia Dallas 1 year, $500,000
Pierre Turgeon, c Colorado Dallas 2 years, $3 million
Peter Vandermeer, w Montreal Detroit 1 year, undisclosed
Jason Ward, rw NY Rangers Montreal 2 years, $1.275 million
Trent Whitfield, c St. Louis Washington undisclosed
Alexei Zhamnov, c Boston Philadelphia 3 years, $12.3 million
Alexei Zhitnik, d NY Islanders Buffalo 4 years, $14 million

Where’d you get that list?

TomS… Hockey Paparazzi :p And… What a list that is… How come I only recognize a few of those names?? Am I that OLD? :laugh:

I don’t see Rocket Richard’s name in there… lol… Sorry… Rocket… Isn’t Jacques Plante between the PIPeS this season? There… I’m a Hab supporter… :p

What a move, for that Tampa Bay, Team… MmAaNn…


They had better put Joe and Brad, on the same line… :O :;):

Where the Gumper? Boom-boom? The Rocket? The Pocket Rocket? The Golden Jet? Well, we might have a Golden Brett…

I got the list from Yahoo’s NHL page. That’s a list of A and A- players with a few B+ players thrown in, for good measure.

Thanks for posting those names… They bring back lots of hockey memories… and B/W tube watching…

I know… these young players have yet to prove their Salt… Who’s this Black Hawk goalie? What’s this 27 million for 4 years? What’s with it? These kids starting at the top… ??? … The Crosby Boy seems to handle himself pretty well with the media… so far… I hope he doesn’t let us down… or… get rubbed up on the Boards… I know… these young STARS… Around the league… They’re told not to Rough these kids up… But In my opion… that’s not good hockey…

Merrit should “Stand on it’s own Feet”… Well… skates…


Just recollect the days of the “original” six, and the quality of the hockey you saw. Imlach was right, expansion has meant that we will never see play at that level again.

Khabibulan (had to look up the spelling there!) has a career .910 save percentage (league average .911!), had a season at .920 (2001) , GA ave of 2.33 (which is about .15 below league average), but has shown moments of brilliance, and should be heading into his prime. I think they see some possibilities there that the numbers don’t quite show. Also, he’s about 32 or so now - is that still a kid? :)

Kariya signed with Nashville! Amazing!

Sorry TomS:
At my age, all those guys are kids…

I think it was Al Eagleson… mabey whoever was before him… But they were the guys that delt in the money markets for the players… Before that the real History Makers in the sport were not paid big money… But… this may be a starting point to get back to what might be called… “Normal” Player’s Wages… Only… “Time will tell”… ???


And the latest: the Great one is going to coach! :D

I presume you’re all talking about Ice Hockey?

I remember seeing something on the telly a while back that said all the players were on strike? I assume the strike is over now?

It’s not a very big sport over here, but it does have some teams and supporters.

We have our own variations which are played on a field, (in reality, usually in a sea of mud); Shinty in Scotland, Hurling in Ireland, and Hockey in England.

Vicious games all three. Sort of like war but with nets at the end. Although, in the earliest games back in the way distant past, they didn’t have nets, they just counted the opponents heads at the end of the game to determine the score. :D

Strangely enough, at school, hockey is a girl’s game. (Probably because the boys are too terrified to play it. When the losers come off the field waving their sticks around, everybody gets out of their way! LOL).

But for all three varieties, it’s an amateur game, so no-one earns millions doing it.

Anyway, have fun with your new born Ice Hockey; that’s what this world really needs, a bunch of millionaires with barely enough remaining brain function to figure out which end of the stick to hold! :D


I’m gonna say it… :p

The French, played it on the St. Lawrence… As soon as the river froze over… I think the score was determined, in the same manner… Ali… If a “Break-Away” happened, they never saw that player again… :p


O.K. I’m back here again… The game is popular among the universities here, in the Maritimes… It’s a girls sport, called Field Hockey…

The guys go out to see them play it… You know… The “Wanna-Bee’s”… “Space Cadets”… :p It’s got something to do with the uniforms…the girls wear? ??? :;): The Wet’ter-the Better… ?

Actually, Tank-Ali, you’ll find that ice hockey requires great intelligence to play well. :)

Bill, let’s send him a few video clips of Grapes so he’ll begin to get it. :D

You see… I’m a Grapes Fan… He says it like it is… He don’t hold a whole lot back… There are just as many that would rather not be vocal, in their opions, about the game… and just … well be sortta Pasive in their remarks… … If you view the sport from any Left -or- Right-wing camp… that’s O.K. with the croud… IMO… But he says his PEACE to the masses through the CBC and Hockey Night-in Canada… Well… that don’t WASH with the CBC Brass and their wanting to be Center-of-the-Road… and all… Everytime he says something that the CBC Brass don’t want to broadcast… They give him a couple of weeks off with no pay… and threaten to fire him… It’s a Love-Hate Relationship… :cool: :p ??? Can someone say it any better?? :laugh: Just let Grapes alone… He’s O.K. IMO…

Ali… You and I both know… Rugby, is a Brutal Game… I don’t know too much about it… However… I see it as a Controlled/Legal means to afflict as much physical punishment on the opposing team as you can during what time remains in the Game… And… there ain’t no Love Lost… as I see it… between the Sides…

Hockey is and as well should be … and remain a Serious Sport… And… if ya can’t move the puck for your Side… Ya don’t deserve Ice-Time…

Oh… It was reported last evening… that the Beer companies lost profits last year on lost sales… due to no hockey… and there was an increase in births in Canada due to no Hockey on the Saturday Night TUBE… Hey… the women are gonna find out how to get IT… anyway they can… Sorry Ladies… What’s … Good-for-the-Gander…

As well. Tax dollars go into the government pockets from the sale of spirits… Well, the Province reported a loss of Eleven Million Loonies… due to the “No” Hockey Night in Canada TV Broadcasts… And… you know they’re gonna get it back, anyway, they can… So… the people lose… again…

Winter nights are awful long and cold… north of the 45th parallel…

That’s the way I see it… :O Tooooo…


The birth rate went up! That is hilarious! Hockey is a form of birth control! :D

A bunch of Grapes’ broadcasts used to be archived on the web somewhere - here’s a challenge: try to explain Don Cherry to a Yank who doens’t watch hockey and has never seen a CBC saturday night broadcast… :)

Here it is!


Quote (TomS @ Aug. 08 2005,12:03)
The birth rate went up! That is hilarious! Hockey is a form of birth control! :D

A bunch of Grapes’ broadcasts used to be archived on the web somewhere - here’s a challenge: try to explain Don Cherry to a Yank who doens’t watch hockey and has never seen a CBC saturday night broadcast… :)

The birth rate went up! That is hilarious! Hockey is a form of birth control! :D

Alright… ya got me going… :O

The other form of birth control is… Gett’in yer “Grapes” beat out on the Boards… play’in the GAME… :p

I was gonna say “Chrrey’s”… But that’d be “Small” of Me…

[/QUOTE] here’s a challenge: try to explain Don Cherry to a Yank who doens’t watch hockey and has never seen a CBC saturday night broadcast… [QUOTE]

Here’s one the Southern’ers will see, through… It’s sortta like use’n n-Track ta record’in yer geeetars…

Spoos’n that’ll keep the birth rate down? Sorry… You guys… way down there… lol…



Actually, Tank-Ali, you’ll find that ice hockey requires great intelligence to play well.

Yeah? No doubt Einstein, Feynman, etc., could never get enough of it! :p

You’re right though Bill, Rugby is a vicious sport, and subject to a lot of dirty play.

And that is one thing I cannot stand, not so much because of the viciousness, but because of the unfairness. I hate unfairness.

I used to play when I was younger, as did my youngest son, but I got banned from attending all his college matches because he was too much a gentleman and much too wise to retaliate. I unfortunately am neither, so I retaliated for him. :(

But I still say that hockey (field hockey to you), is the most vicious sport ever devised; Shinty in particular is a regular blood bath. As for women’s hockey; the players don’t wear armour, but the spectators should.

But, Ice Hockey, like American Football, is all armoured, so not much blood at all I 'spose. :(