OK, how bad is your hangover?


Me, I went to be early and got up early and had my chores done before 5 am. Yep, really. :)

I gigged till around 12.45am, packed up and went out with the band to see other bands play. I don’t drink, so no hangover here, but a few of the others followed up with a bit of the hair of the dog. Ended up going to bed around 6.30am, read till 8.30. I work nightshift so it was pretty much a normal night for me…

New year’s eve was very very quiet, so no hangover at all here.
Dang - I must be getting old.

I quit drinking a few years ago so no hang-over for me, no worshiping at the porcelain alter, no trying to pick up women with wife standing behind me going “Pay him no mind, he’s drunk”. Went to bed right after mid-night got up at 5am, had my chores listed by 6am, however, watched football and played video games and guess what, threw the chores list in the trash can, (first thing on list was to take out trash).

Happy New Year to all!:D

All these non-drinkers! What is life coming to! lol

I think it was Dylan Thomas (although, I’m probably wrong), who said:

“I gave up drinking for a month, but then, I woke up one morning and realised that this was going to be the best I felt all day!”


no worshiping at the porcelain


no trying to pick up women with wife standing behind me going "Pay him no mind, he’s drunk"


Well, for “wife” read "girlfriend"

And for saying “Pay him no mind, he’s drunk” read, …well, something far more inventive! :(

But, bugger it, life’s too #### short for anything else.

Anyway, having spent 2 hours ironing the pleats on my kilt, I’m entitled to a hangover! :D

Ouch! Those smiley’s are terribly bright aren’t they. :(


I had my standard one beer but I did drink alittle more today (had a brunch will some friends over) but no hangover :O

Tell me - why do you guys get up so #### early? I never get up at 5AM for anything?!?!

No gigs either - we didn’t even try to get a gig. I’m really getting tired of the gig scene actually - it’s really loosey here in So. CA.

Mr Soul

Getting up at 5am for last 25 yrs. I guess because of kids and work, just got in the habit. No kids or work now, but still get up!:D

Yep, kids, although I’m usually up at 5:30 or 6, not 5. Sort of a slacker compared to Yaz. :)

Used to get up at 4am, that sucked, especially when i couldn’t get to bed before midnight.

The hangover was not so bad… but am nursing a bumped forehead and what I thought was a broken arm (x-rays say otherwise) as a result of the festivities.

My bruised ego will take some healing. When fighting with your friends (in fun), trying to show off your awesome high kicking ability on a slippery tube station floor is not a good thing to do.

That said… racing shopping carts down Oxford street at 04:00 is BIG and is CLEVER… whatever all those boring folks say. :D

the hangover is fine - I’m used to dealing with it. But the mangled toes, elbow and back from slipping on the stairs after the 7th, 8th, or nth beer - that ain’t fine at all. Foot got tangled in the balustrade, I’m lucky I didn’t break anything. It even hurts to type. No need for pity, I’m providing plenty of that to myself.

Alcohol and the guitar fingers, reaching for a beer and oops, right into the 8’ box fan on stage left? Alcohol and accidents are bed fellows, just simply got tired of falling down going up a hill. When drinking all the time, couldn’t see the pain it was causing me and everyone else. Does anyone actually enjoy the hangover? The loss of time? Wadda Ya Mean My Underwears Hanging On The Corner Street Light? How dat get up dere???

Intoxication, I don’t miss it!

A Recovered Alcoholic Yaz!:D

Way to go, Yaz! :D

A wee bitty serious now.

Booze, recreational drugs, tabacco…

Do I have the right to tell other people to use them, try them? Do I even have the right to advocate them?

I’d say certainly not.

Does anyone else have the right to tell me not to indulge, or even tell me that they are “bad”?

Again, I’d say certainly not, except, if my using them affected someone else.

And that’s the crunch, because so often anything we do does affect others.

From heroin pushers indoctrinating kids, to drunk drivers killing people, and even second hand cigarette smoke.

But, where do we draw the line between personal freedom, and protecting the rights of others?

Prohibition didn’t work. The criminalisation of cannabis doesn’t work, it just makes otherwise honest people into criminals.

So, I ask again, where do we draw the line, and how do we draw it.

I have my own thoughts about this, but I’d like to hear other people’s thoughts.


Ah good question Ali. We’ve seen the results of prohibition and illegal substances. Underworld gets richer. How bout legalizing stuff but limitations to private residence?

And btw, you haven’t offended or harmed me in any way by drinking or whatever!:D

…But the green pics were a little scary!LOL

No hang over, ‘cause no drinky,
Me and my wife celebrated her 1 year anniversery of sobriety!
In honor of her acheivement I chose not to endulge, hence no hang over.
It was the first day of 2005, and I felt great! I woke up and said “Hello World!”, at the top of my lungs!
I was quickly responded to by neighbors on both sides saying "Shutup!, it’s freakin’ 5 AM and we’re tryin’ to sleep!".
OK, so maybe it wasn’t good for everyone…but love thy neighbor, right?

keep shinin’ guys,