OK, I admit it

OK, I’ll say it. I have no clue exactly why Bruffie and Poppa et al left, but this place has become a little too quiet as a result.

BOOGIE!!! :laugh:

Well I could try to be a bit noiser if that would help :slight_smile:


Have they ever 'rested' for this long in the past?

Not that I know of, Tony.

hmm!? curiouser and curiouser.

D’you know? I’m still connected to Poppa but it doesn’t seem cool to broach the issue. He gave me a drum track for an old jazz tune that I’m working on that is perfect. I’m a really slow worker but I’m hoping to let you guys hear it and ask for help knocking it together. It’s an old fav’ of my dad’s and one that I have loved forever. I’d like to get it finished and use it for an MS awareness campaign thingy that I’m doing and a gift to dad (soft? I know).

Quote: (TomS @ Dec. 02 2009, 5:31 PM)

OK, I'll say it.
I have no clue exactly why Bruffie and Poppa et al left, but this place has become a little too quiet as a result.


Well, Ange, you are of course excused for your relative absence since you are working on something important. Unlike most of the rest of us. :)

I know why I don’t come by so often anymore, I practically never use N-Track (I’m using REAPER) and I have little time to just “hang out”. I still record regularly and work on all sorts of projects. My latest is a portable line array that can be stacked on a stand as one long cabinet or set on two separate speaker stands. Here is is sitting on the floor: . That’s what I have been doing with the little spare time I have. My current project is a very short scale fretless bass (21").

I hope everyone here is happy and well.


They are nice looking boxes… Are they 8" OR… 10" speakers? How much do you have into them????

They’d be nice packed… two to a box… and the two, wired in series… Well… just-a-thought…


Sorry Bill for the late response.
They are 5" full range drivers, 4 to a box.
Each box has an 8ohm impedance, together they are 4ohms.
They work quite well just as they are for acoustic instruments and voice, but I need to add a high pass filter at about 100hz if I want to have a bass plugged into them to keep the drivers from bottoming out.
In addition, I have decided to use a separate subwoofer with a low pass filter to make up the difference in those low frequencies for when the bass is also plugged into the array.

The original concept was to build light weight, long throw speakers for acoustic instruments and voice.
The cabinets needed to be under 20 pounds each and small enough to easily fit in the back of my Scion XB.
In addition, they needed to be either stack able on top of each other and fit on a speaker stand or be able to be split onto 2 different speaker stands for unusual shaped performance areas.
I wanted a narrow vertical dispersion and a wide horizontal dispersion.
These hit the mark.
They also seem to be nearly feedback proof even when using an MXL 4000 (large diaphram condensor mic) at a close distance.
Pretty remarkable.




I missed the question about cost. If I had to guess about the cost of the drivers, hardware, wood and paint, I would put the cost at about $250 for both cabinets. The drivers alone were nearly half that cost.

How old is Muddy Waters…
today ????

he influenced a lot of music… in his day.
Anyone know his real name ?

Anyway, those are nice cabinets… Those speakers look great…
I’d like to have that bass you got over there, in the corner… How does it sound…

Sometime, when the weather gets better I hope to make a pair of Isolation Boxes for the studio…
They’ll be installed in the rafters of the room…
I have a couple of 5" speakers…
long throw Big Magnets…
I need a couple of Hi-end drivers and a crossover network for the boxes…
and a suitable amp to drive them… Maybe, an Alesis RA-300 or 500 amp…
to power them
and then a couple of mics for the boxes…


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