OK, I give up

why won’t my registration codes work

I have entered the codes exactly as they are in the email (copy/paste), but I keep geting the annoying sound every 20 seconds. It says that I’m registered, and it appears that it may work unless I have the live button on…what am I doing wrong?

I remember haveing that problem once :D It turned out that what I was hearing after registration was me fooling myself by playing a track that I recorded prior to registerting. Could you be hearing something like that? :cool:

no, there is a little box that comes in and says that this is unregistered, so a tone is being added every 20 seconds. the funny thing is though that the nag screens are gone. it’s like half of the registration worked…

hey muzic.

If it was me, i’d email Flavio and ask for assistance. That shouldn’t be happening.



If you bought the 16bit version but you’re using a 24bit wav file, you’ll hear the unregistered annoying beep.

If you purchased the 24 bit, try checking Help > About and make sure that the program says it’s registered at 24 bit. If it says registered at 16 bit, you’ll need to fill out the support form to get Flavio to email you the correct codes.

I had mistakenly received the 16bit codes, and Flavio turned around and emailed me the codes almost immediately.

Stick with it. This software blows the doors off Sonar, as far as I’m concerned.


Thanks for the reply…

I had already emailed Flavio this morning, and you are correct, it was that I have 16bit version. I was trying to use the ASIO drivers, so it was forcing me to 24bit. I switched to WDM drivers, and all seems to be well now.

I agree that this software is better than sonar (I’ve used it), but I’m actually not going to be using this as a recording tool (I use SX for that - please don’t flame me, it’s just my preference), but I needed some option to play back a VSTi at a very low latency for a live performance, and didn’t feel like taking my dongle for cubase every week to church. NTrack seemed to be the ideal solution. so far I have been fairly impressed with the program. there are a few things that I don’t like, but for what I’m gonna be using it for, it works great! And who knows, the further I get into the program, I may find preferences to turn off options that I don’t want…

for instance, the first time I go to add a VSTi after starting the program, it scans the computer for plugins…is there a way to tell it to do that on startup?


Glad to hear it. I’m not in front of n-Track right now, but you may want to post your question as a new subject. People here are very good at responding!

No flames…to each his own, and for each project, there’s different needs. Just glad you’ve found n!