OK, I heard all of you

Re-Mix of last post

My last post proved to be a lot more conntroversial that I had expected. I truly heard ALL of the feedback. I hope I knockedout the “circus” sound, and added a little more swing. I’m sure you’ll let me know if I missed the mark.

Thanks all,


joshua2 download

I’m 26 seconds into it and I swear I’m playing Super Nintendo; Castlevania 4, maybe.

i think the outro is the greatest part of the song, about 04.21. I think you could do another remix playing around with that part, keep the simplicity. Maybe change a few of the chords, as you like. What program except N-Track(I guess?) are you using. Are you playing “live”??

I’m glad you like some of my song (even if it is only the last 10 seconds) :laugh: To be honest, I kinda like that part too. . Do you think maybe the song is too busy?

Oh yeah, I used Cakewalk Sonar, and Soundforge.
Thanks for the feedback

I am playing live to midi sequencer. Then I rendered the bass track to audio because it sounded too artificial. I think I’m gonna try that with all the instruments and see how it goes.

Hi there, MAYBE there is to much things going on at the same time. MAYBE you should take away some of the instruments at some part, keeping only the most important ones. And try to make the differenses between verse and chorus more obvious. I like when the chorus comes in at 02.54. It´s a nice melody. BUT, don´t take my advices too seriuosly, after all, it´s your song and you have to do it the way you feel. If you have any other tracks you´ve done, I would love to hear them to. (By the way, did your nephew like the song).
Sorry for my bad english.