OK, tell us about your new toys

Wow, wozz, that is pretty darn cool. :)

And Nils - I was serious about the compressor!

Mine was an early present, the Vox amp, which just rocks, great small amp, but I did get some music too, including Keane’s Hopes and Fears. Anyone know this CD? The vocal sound is fabulous. Actually the whole recording has a sort of 70s production sound to it that I totally dig. I haven’t been able to find out anything about the technical aspects of the recording (other than that it was done in PT). Anyone know about the recording chain for the vocals?


No new toys. I bought my friend a copy of Finales PrintMusic! though…I accidentally bought an extra. So I guess I’ll keep that one myself! …wink…wink…


I needed some mics and I got em: Sure sm-57 and studio projects b-1 (w/ cables and stands). A nice start to my collection.

Now all I need is something to record . :D

Quote (TomS @ Dec. 26 2004,15:14)
Yes, that most definitely counts, clava! :)

Well, guys, we have to get Nils something for Christmas. You need a compressor, Nils? ???

A compressor would be nice... - provided it is stereo and has a sidechain capability... - well, maybe next x-mas, then...

regards, Nils

I got the Garritan Personal Orchestra. It is super sweet.

Not a sound “production” thing, but a “consumption” toy - my wife got me a Sony “NET” MiniDisc player. It comes with software that provides high-speed downloading of CDs, MP3’s and WAV files to the unit via USB. It will be tunes for the commute and in the office.

My wife rocks! :D

On the production side, I bought Ilium’s Lexicon Core 2 soundcard, now I need to get/build an inexpensive Pentium 3 PC to use as a portable 4-track.

Tonight’s dinner is turkey curry. And there’s still some turkey left…