Ok - what did I do this time

Trying to Close a cut

I recorded to tracks. Then I move the two cuts onto one track - one behind the other. I then Edit > Cut the beginning of the second track. I clicked on the X and attempted to move it against the first track. It would not let me. Both cuts moved left with the space maintained between them. I tried several approaches, but the program insisted on maintaining the space between the cuts - If I have expalained this properly - anyone else had a problem like this. I’ve done it this way in N_Track for years . . .

Now you see why I’ve quit using n for editing. I tried to explain this problem with using midi clips and everyone just batted their eyes like frogs on a log - welcome to my world. sometimes ungrouping helps but I just had to use something that worked.

Not good news, Poppa. :heart-break:

Play around with grouping - un-grouping - also try ctrl+ mouse drag

Well, I just tried it on my other computer - it worked fine.
I was not using the same files/tracks.
Maybe this has to do with a setting somewhere.
I been reviewing my sequence in my mind ( what’s left of it) and I wonder if I pressed Control + S instead of just S.
That would have merged the files, maybe locked them in place with the space.
I’ll play with it more tomorrow.

Tried it here Bax and it worked fine, can move both together, just have to un-highlight both parts prior to moving.

Select area, hit “s” to split a wave, both sections are still highlighted. To drag (move) one part you have to click off the file to un-highlight both parts, then you can move just one part. Would be nice if when hitting the “s” to split a wave ntrack would automatically un-highlight one of the parts or both.