OK, you sluggards

If you won’t post I will :smiley:

I got a new cowbell.

"Plato Said"

Plato Said - click here

I’ve got a fever, and the only perscription is more cowbell!

Great track!

If I were tweaking anything, and having heard my songs ( [URL=http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm? let the listener be warned[/URL]bandID=704632,) you know that’s probably not a good idea for me to make any recommendations, but I wish the guitar solo at the end was a little more prominent in the mix… maybe building in volume and then tapering off at the end, and just a bit more bass.

But what do I know?

Anyone know why you can’t edit a post sometimes…

Corrected link to my feeble songs here

Tom I listened again, and I do like it… just a tad more bass, and a more prominent outro solo for my preference.



I like it Tom. Guitars and cymbals maybe just a tad harsh (12 to 15k maybe?)A little more seperation. Vocals are great!

If you decide on a remix then “I NEED MORE COWBELL!”

Edit: Vocals are AWSUM! :)

Well, Yaz, the vox are loud enough this time?

Thanks for the comments, guys.
All on the nose.
Dunno what to do about the harshness of the cymbals.
Never have figured that one out.
But you gotta admit the massive compression makes them swoosh out nicely.

Iplan, I have listened to your music, and appreciated the KISS influence. :)

Hey now, the vocals really sound good! The cymbal ambience sounded nice, they rang forever on a crash. Try some eqing to pull freq out to soften. It ain’t easy I’ve pulled my hair out trying to eq my cymbal sound, OMG I’m bald! Tis ok, still got me ear hair to pull!


Just pulled down 1k on the mixing board and it helped with the sound of both cymbals and guitars. Worth a shot dude! Hmm, this song will have to go on my radio station you know! :peace:

Only problem is I’m too lazy to actually go back and EQ it, but I’ll do it just this once. :)

Well, Iplan and Yaz, I cut 1K on guitars and OH, and brought up the cowbell the tiniest amount, and raised the “solo” guitar just a tad. Seems to me it looses something with the added clarity. I like mushed together noises. :cool:

Hey man… I like the changes. EQing the guitar smoothed it out - which I would have never thought to try, and outro solo is there just enough so that it stands out.

BTW, is Yaz the member previously know as “Yazmeister?”

Mucho Gracious Senor Spademan! Sounds great dude. My station is gonna be 1 song bigger. :agree:

Yaz the knuclehead formly know as YazMiester :laugh:

Any relation to the 80’s rock group called Yaz?

They had some cool songs on an album called “Upstairs at Erics” if I recall correctly.
Kind of techno beat stuff, but I remember that my girlfriend at the time loved them. The thing I like the best was the album cover… which was kind of bizarre.


No Iplan, Yaz is just a nickname I aquired on my 9th grade basketball team. Meister was added in 2000 by the drummer of a band I was in. But new Ikon board here so I shortened the name.

Tom this tune is great! I couldn’t resist posting this link. Haven’t seen this in years.

More Cowbell

Yaz :whistle:

Hmm. I don’t think that was actually BD.


Are the cymbals washed thru a flange or is it the mp3? I can never tell, I hate mp3’s, the industry sub standard audio (ISSA)


No flange, it is in fact the mp3, I suspect - you really ought to hear this stuff in full “perfect” 16/44…

Which encoder are you using?

The one on the windoze player.

Try the lame dll in n-track, it works pretty good. That is version 5 of n, the other versions is the blade enc, I don’t really like it.