Okay, so the fat dude in the red suit...

has come and gone…

Did anyone get any new music makin’ toys? You all have heard me oohing and aahing over my new guitar enough. Let’s hear whatcha got so we can all get gear envy…


My kids gave me the money to buy RealBand but now I’m not sure if I want it or not.

Guitar lead.

I got EZDrummer - Now have two days to decide if I want to get
the Xpansion packs. 2 for $79.
I updated to the current 1.1.5 ver. Noticed on their forum that
people were having probs with the ‘Black Beauty’ kit. That’s on
the Xpansion pack I want.
But it is great - I load up the Solo with a groove, load up a Vsti
with the same groove with the Cocktail kit, half the tempo, and
at the same time adding my own input from an Akai MPC.
What a ruckus!

Nothing of note, which is fine. Gots enough stuff. The lady is taking the week off to help with studio construction finish up which is more better than any gear. Eeesh, it seems I lose a ton of time just waiting for crap to dry… paint, tile mortar, glue, joint compound, caulk… etc. then add in trim carpentry and filling nail holes… ahhh!!!

I feel for you Bubba… that dang finishing and detailing takes FOREVER… Hey! Hire zaY. He’s a glutton for punishment! :laugh:


Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Dec. 29 2008, 9:36 AM)

My kids gave me the money to buy RealBand but now I'm not sure if I want it or not.

Go for it PW. At least get BIAB... I think you would really enjoy working with it. It opens up a lot of possibilities. I wish I had more time to goof around with it.


Yea - I guess I’ll get it. Both of them in the super dooper pak or whatever. That’s the most confusing sales site I’ve ever seen - you have to dig and dig to see which paks you get with what and I’m sure the ones I want are most likely not included. I’ll probly download it next week.

seven - you’ll over do your first 5-6 tracks with it - it’s impossible not to play around with it. Have fun!

I decided to get it today - just started the downloads. Got BIB and RB + 12 paks free in addition to what it came with. Looks like close to one gig to download.

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Dec. 29 2008, 3:57 PM)

I decided to get it today - just started the downloads. Got BIB and RB + 12 paks free in addition to what it came with. Looks like close to one gig to download.

Hang tight... I betcha its worth every second!


Best download speed I’ve ever had 300kb+ /second

Lemme know what you think Poppa. I have a bit of Christmas cash I may want to send PG’s way…


PS I really gotta get myself a controller though… My little Yamaha PSR cheapie POS is really not cutting it…

It’s already a hoot to play with all those styles and REAL INSTRUMENTS - Doing what I ask… amazing.

I’ll have a fiddle on Arkysaw ‘for old Daner can get his recordin’ pooter dug out of the snowbank. If I don’t have a fiddle in this bunch of downloads I’ll get the pak it comes in. 29 bucks more I think.

It’s just too cool.

Real Tracks set 12 (all bluegrass)
and about 5 more country bluegrass sets.
Pretty cool

I’m on it. Thanx seven.

Hi Gents:
I have only a few hours to make the monumental decision as to going to Sweetwater to order the version of EZ Drummer with the Samples that Rayan is pitching… I think it’s a good deal… I saw what you posted Poppa Willis… regarding the minimum machine specs. and all… I know I gotta get out of the Dark Ages with these machines I have… I’m working on this studio… I am presently working on the Floor Lighting/Design… I got the m-Audio 192 card…

Santa left his toe in the door… :laugh: But I don’t have any Patch Cables for it and I don’t know how to make-it-work…


You bring up a good point Bill on those multi channel cards. All of them I’ve seen have ins and out’s hangin out of them like some nappy headed step child. (I used to be an Imus fan) - anyway When I see those cards with cords my first reaction is “Man that’s the most awkward way to have to access a soundcard - always haveing to reach behind your system to plug and unplug.” I haven’t checked the net but surely someone with a ‘real’ studio background has made a patch bay that can be used for those multi in-outs.
I always make a patchbay for my home systems - starting with my Teac 4-track. I have it right in front of me and use 1/4 inch or RCA. My latest one is 1/4 inch. An xlr one would be great even. With the new interfaces I use it less and less - but I never have to jostle my computer around to get access to the card.


Best download speed I've ever had 300kb+ /second

The best speed I can manage is somewhere in the neighbourhood of 4.9-5.1 kbs..
That's if I keep away from the browser and just sit-and-watch..

You guys and your Hi-Speed..

What else can your Hi-Speed do.


[EDIT] Sorry.. I was being Smart.. My hope-and-plan is to allocate this 192 card and a computer to operating the Alesis Masterlink CD Recorder.. That would mean connecting a fourth computer to the LAN.. for shifting files To-and-From the Masterlink.. Well.. That.. being the case.. I don't even need to have this computer with-in arm's reach.. I am contemplating sitting the computer up in the studio's rafters.. and outta the way.. It needs to be mounted in yet another soundproof cabinet.. and not being able to hear any Hard drive Pen-Chatter..

It'll always be connected to that machine.. However, bringing the audio to and from the Masterlink and to-and-from the computer should end up on the patch bays.. They should be with-in arm's reach.. Somewhere..

As I understand.. the Masterlink can be used as an A-to-D.. and a D-to-A mic-and-line in-and-out.. That being said.. The Masterlink's specs. are pretty close to World-Class.. The possibilities could approach.. endless.. It remains to be seen.. We'll see..


Well Poppa… I went ahead and dood the deed myself. I have the Ultra-PAK BIAB/RealBand deal coming on an 80GB USB hard disk. Spent the last of my Christmas bucks. :agree: