old newbie

Old newbie here! Just looking around, Thought about giving recording another try! All for fun!!! Can’t get serious about my guitar playing and singing{sound like a bad neil young!}. I See some familiar people still here, phoo, woxner, bill clarke, tomS, learjeff, bubbagump etc. Y’all heard from hux, limey? I see everbody has had to reregister lately! Anyway good to see flavio still has it going on. digthis

Hey digthis (AKA Flyana)

Welcome back! Hux and Limey and quite a few old regulars have shifted off somewhere else a pretty long time ago. I use to go by gtr4Him. I got accused of being cynical old turd so I changed my “handle” to Diogenes, The Father of Cynicism.

Good to see you back! Now go make some music! :laugh:


Thanks! I’m not going to be in any hurry!!! i just got a new Dell 530 with vista 32 bit and I’m going to be working on that for a while before I download n-track,You know drivers, drivers ,drivers ,like old Mac used to say! which the last version I had was 3.0, When I bought this computer I thought I was getting a soundblaster audigy sound card but turned out I got a realtek integrated sound card with audigy software , Which might work, But I think I’m going to get another soundblaster card instead and disable the integrated card unless otherwise not a good idea! Hopefully I can keep the cans jack on the front of the computer when I install new soundcard we’ll see ,I might have able the intergrated card to keep front headphone jack on computer working? Anyway nice to be back!!! digthis :peace:

Welcome back to the madness digthis/Flyana! My pc had a Realtek HD card when I purchased it. Tried every way in the world to get it to work with nTrack, no go. Installed an E-Mu 0404 pci card and ROCK N ROLL! Could never get the Realtek to record in sync. Good Luck with yours!

Yaz :)

Thanks, I’ll probably get a soundblaster card {fairly cheap!!} compatible with vista, I’m glad since I have the codes still for the n-track 3.0 version I can upgrade from that to ver 5.0 {from what I read!}and higher for free! Flavio still rocks!!! digthis :whistle:

digthis, Vista does ok if you do the driver thingy, and I had to tweak the system, turning off some of the bloat proggies. V5 n works well with Vista, I had V4 but it wouldn’t run for crap with Vista. With the E-Mu card beta drivers I can run asio at 2ms latency on nTrack without it popping and clicking. a lot of changes since 3.0, takes some getting used to, but it’s pretty cool once you do. Flavio has added a lot of mastering tools in the newer versions. :agree: