Old Songs are New

inspiration failed, soo…

I couldn’t write anything this past couple of weeks, so I went back and re-did something that never got posted - “Jewels in my Fingers” - from a few years back…but I have nicer microphones now! :)

Anyway, the drums still sound like programmed drums, but other than that, tell me what you think, good and bad.

Jewels in my Fingers - click here!


As you know, I’ve been a fan of your music since I first heard your songs. I’m glad you went back to this. This is a beautiful song, nice clean mix. I like the piano very much, the drums sound fine. I would have liked to hear an acoustic guitar strumming along with this. The quiet guitar break is excellent. I’m listening on my laptop at work so I’m sure I’m missing some of the subtleties. One small crib is the ending sounds a bit abrupt but apart from that, this is another great song. Right up there with Glimpse of the Buddha, Life is a Silver Stream and I’ll Go Anywhere.
Mind if I make an album of Spademan covers? :)

Well, of course I don’t mind, Bruffie… s’long as we get rich and young doing it… :laugh: