Old Style Icons & VU Meters Possible?

Hello again n-Track.
Sorry to be a pain, but I am finding it really difficult using the newer GUI in n-Track.
I love, love, love the software but am still in shock mode trying to adapt to the newer look and loss of a few features I held dear to my heart :slight_smile:

Would it ever be possible to add in some of the older visuals some of us have grown accustomed to?
Specifically, the older colored vu meters and the colored (or semi-colored) icons.

The vu meters being one solid color was probably redesigned by your software team to reduce the strain on the system’s resources (I am assuming). Is there any way for us to get back the older multi-color vu meters? They really made referencing clipping much easier…especially since you cannot seem to “purposely clip” via the sliders…which is also a bizarre new feature. When you goose up the slider, it does distort, but there is no indication of RED to show the clipping peak. Is this normal?

The old style “red clip indicator” in the db text portion of the vu meter was also of great use to me and I am sure many other users. Making the ‘0 db’ section stand out would also be great.

Secondly, the newer icons are very difficult to reference (at a glance) unlike in the past…specifically the ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT on the timeline axis icons. At a minimum, if the ‘-’ and ‘+’ graphics were improved for clarity this would be ideal! I use these icons a lot and can barely see the tiny details at regular HD mode on a 24" monitor. Adding a secondary color to some of the icons would really help.

P.S. I would be more than happy to work on the pictograms for the program as I have an extensive background in the graphic arts field. Let me know if you need my services and I’d be pleased to lend a free hand.

Please take my comments as constructive criticism :face_with_monocle:…I only want to see n-Track remain the excellent Digital Audio Multitrack Recorder I have loved for the past 15+ years!

Montreal, Canada