Old versions  - how many do you want?

Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be

I was checking something out at work on the Wayback Machine - the website that archives pages across the internet, when I had a thought. So I looked up fasoft.com, and here are the results:


There’s loads of versions of the site to choose from, (albeit a bit slow to access) and on many of them the download links still work. Versions 2.3, 3.0 etc.

I got slightly excited when I clicked on the forum links. Some of the sites tease you by showing the forum front pages (with many familiar old names and topics), but of course without the database sitting behind them, the actual links are dead. One of the later forums actually linked me back here when I clicked on the topics (probably using the same database). Got me quite excited for a few milliseconds.

Anyway, have some fun.


Hi Mark:
Thanks for that link… Those “Handles-and-Nic’s” bring back some memories… Where are these guys today, and what are they up to?


I saw it some time ago also. Is a pitty that there are not historial about this forum. A lot of content is missed.