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I have a Pentium 3 450 Mhz PC which I would like to turn into a recording tool for my teenage sons burgeoning music career. Can anyone tell me what versions of n-track will work with this spec. of PC and whether it will be OK to get started on.

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Most of your answers seem to be in the thread in the other part of the forum:

Other thread

I use to run Version 3.3 on a PII 450 using the built-in soundcard and Win 98SE. It worked well but would start to choke if I threw a LOT of plugins into a song. I could usually get 10-15 tracks going OK at 16/44.1 though. Just watch the plugin usage, use the Aux busses wisely and render stuff pretty often and you can get pretty complicated jobs done on a lowly 450mhz box.