OLE32.dll prob'ems

should I pay for diagnostic software?

Hi Guys

on line in Australia here. I have windows probs often and get ole32.dll ("Hpohmr08 has caused a problem in ole32.d// . . ") often when I try to start n4. Often n4 wont open at all.

My local pc shop told me to run diagnostic software. I’ve just downloaded error nuker (http://www.errornuker.com).

At $29 I wasn’t too sure. So I did the free scan and it showed a fair few arrors in my Windows (ME). But I opted out, and discovered they give you one last chance to buy at $19.95. But it says of I don’t buy now I wont get this offer again.

I read one comparison review at http://www.compareandreview.com/pc_repair.htm.

Is this something I should pay for? I guess I’m a bit of a pc novice.

Thanks guys


You should edit your post and remove the final PERIOD from your link.

Another review I found

An uhappy purchaser

I am not sure what my opinion is. When I have PC problems I will generally search the errors that I get on the Internet. If I can’t fix them, as a last result, I format the drive and reinstall. But I have been messing with PCs for a fairly long time.

I have one PC dedicated to Audio and I keep all my recorded stuff on a separate drive. The main partition on my main hard drive is just programs which I can reinstall and not lose any information/recordings.

Personally I would try reinstalling the OS and choosing REPAIR. If that doesn’t fix things then maybe…

Flip a coin. If you buy it, report back here and let us know if it helped.

Agreed. Try the repair option, and if that doesn’t fix it, I’d be more likely to just format (after backing up any essential data of course) and reinstall Windows than buy a diagnostic program.
LOL the diagnostic program will probably tell you you have problems with Windows and need to reinstall.