On-line CD sales

What’s a good site?

Ok, after a long time, I am finally putting together a CD or two for sale. These songs would be more in the Folk/Country Western vein. The idea is to get the songts “out there” so others can sing them, but selling some copies has a lot a appeal too.
Anyone have a good Company/site to suggest?


They have digital distribution as well.

CD Baby is a great distribution point to offer your CD for sale.

However, don’t expect to sell much (if anything at all) by simply placing your CD there; you will be competing with a few thousand other like-minded musicians that are already there.


Try http://www.motagator.net they will give you 30 meg free to sample your wares and that includes a “STORE” where you can sell your CDs using your PayPal account. That eliminates the hassles of getting paid. Also a good place to have a private account for collab exchanges.



Making it available is the easy part. The hard part is promoting it. Good luck!

soundclick.com ! the site i use to get my stuff out there… and they give you the ability to sell also…

there are many incredibly smart folks on here with great advice and know so much about music that i want to hear their stuff that they record, but nobody ever puts a link in their profiles or anything to go hear their stuff…


ya i just did… but don’t be mad at me because i’m one of the good guys… i have used my N-TRACK program for 4 years now and have never regreted my choice… i love it’s cost to value ratio… can’t be beat…

I agree with CD Baby, had good luck on there with my last band a few years ago. Soundclick and mp3.com.au are 2 good sites also to post on. And thanks for the motagator.net link.

"Making it available is the easy part. The hard part is promoting it. Good luck!"


I recently saw a topic on the http://www.artistcollaboration.com site where a DJ in the UK was asking for tracks to play on his radio station. Just a thought for some exposure.

Re: Motagator. I think there are only about 400 bands/artists there so far so not overly saturated. When you upload your songs you can select to have your music play on their streaming radio feature. Just another way to get some free exposure.


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