On line live help test.

I was asked to pin the test chat address here to test.

If you can connect with someone willing to help you live. Just login using your same Username and chat away.

Live help/chat test page.

I’m here!

I mean…

Here I am.

No one is here!

I’m no one!

YERP! I checked in about a half dozen times today. The place is deader than Alexander’s pet cat “Horatius”…

Hello? thump THUMP is thing on? Tasting… tasting… tasting one shoe…


PS That Horatius, like most felines, was a sneaky little turd. I blame him and him alone for the fall of the Roman Empire.

Helloooooo…it’s emptier than a hermits address book in here!

Hmmmm! Could be the 8 hour time difference I guess…

Well I’ve tried at various times to see if anyone, and I mean even Bambi was in, but noooooooooooooooo,

Not even Tom Hanks or “Wilson”, it’s more deserted than a deserted island.

Maybe not a good idea to have it on the pic page, that could scare anyone off! LOL