One more this week

You are kidding, right?

Quote: (TomS @ Mar. 18 2008, 11:45 PM)

You are kidding, right?

Maybe we all just get too intimate with our own stuff. I guess that's why a producer or trusted listener is so helpful.

Hi Mark A:

It appears that this TomS guy is one of our most prolific creaters that we see up here on this Board… A Modem-and-Dialup takes so long to buffer a large file…

I believe I’m missing all but a few of these creations for not haveing a Hi-Speed Internet connection…


Let’s just say that I’m fecund. “Creative” is a little too high a compliment. ???

IN any case, thanks, Bill!

I read it a prolific creature… That’s accurate too ain’t it? :p

Yes, prolific. Like rats, or rabbits, or cockroaches.


You got this re-fretted Strat…
There’s no reason that in the next little while you’ll have come up with a new creation that’ll blow the last few you did away…

I’m waiting to hear this new fret job…
It should make you play like Carl Perkins…

Get busy…



Ok, this is a lovely ballad, bravo for the songwriting and vocals. But man, u really have to improve the mixing, it sounds overall saturated and noisy in the chorus, and sorry to say this, but guitar solos sound definitely out of tune

Thanks for the listen and the constructive comments, jazo! Never could mix worth a hill of beans. Or play guitar! Being out of tune is a feature with me… ???

Quote: (jazo @ Jul. 16 2008, 12:31 AM)

but guitar solos sound definitely out of tune

I love it when opportunity strikes

Sorry 'bout this Tom, please forgive me

It's a Strat, whadda ya want fer nuttin!


Excellent songwriting Tom! :agree: :agree: :agree:

Yaz Paul

Actually, that was the PRS with soapbars… :p

Hey, Jazo, where exactly does it sound out of tune?