One question

mono, stereo, tracks

I’m learning… still having trouble getting multiple tracks recognized by a cd player…

Also, having things in stereo makes it difficult to make multiple tracks…

Thanks for everyone’s help. :;):

PS I can pause the MD player at each track while recording to make a new track so I get the tracks desired. Best way?

Most CD players only play standard CDs, which contain stereo 16 bit 44.1k uncompressed waves, but many won’t play CDs burned on a computer no matter what, while some newer ones can play data disks with MP3s.

You are recording on a MiniDisk?

I honestly don’t know what you are asking. Sorry.

I am recording from a minidisk… a 60 minute interview.

When I mix them down multiple tracks, they become one wav file and when I burn this, I lose the idea that there were ever separate tracks…

Is there any way to get the output as ‘three different cd tracks’ so the listener to the cd could advance between tracks?


I assume you transferred the interview from minidisk into computer by recording the whole interview at once. This will provide one single track because the song markers from the minidisk won’t translate to wav file.

You could:
1) record the interwiev into computer in three pieces: record the first part, save and start a new song in N-track. Then record the next part, save and start a next song in N-track. Record the final part and save. You get 3 song files. You mix them to wav files, one by one and get three wav files. You burn them to audio-CD as separate songs.

2) If you like to use the one single wav file you have (I would) you can use an audio editor (audcity for example) and cut the wav into three wav files. Then burn them into audio-CD

And here’s exactly how to do it in Audacity

Thanks tons! AUDACITY is really cool by the way… I made three tracks just like you said and viola! is worked…

Now just to get my track names toolbar back.