One word...

that’s all…


Be safe people! However you choose to “celebrate” Halloween. Me? I’m going to church to play worship music for God!

Please you guys/gals… be careful and be safe. Watch out for yourself and others.


PS The “one word”? I made it up… :laugh:

I’m sure it took some doing, but you did it!!!

That word doesn’t come up in any internet searching, including suggested alternate spellings.

But then, it’s an anagram for Prunes Lurking.

Just what are you handing out to the kiddies tonight?


There’s always Purple Gherkin ?

I’m all the time making up words or singing goofy words to songs… drives my kids nuts. I figure what the heck, I could use the company! LOL…

Purple Gherkin? I dunno Poppa… I don’t think I’d try eatin’ a Purple Gherkin… :laugh:

Gotta run guys! First set is in about thirty minutes! Thank goodness the place is only a mile or so away…

“Trick or treat?” - “Trick” - Turns hundreds (hopefully thousands) of kids on to “Jesus Rock”! :agree:

Cool trick IMO…


Blessed Samhain, Dubious! :)

Quote: (TomS @ Oct. 31 2008, 10:53 PM)

Blessed Samhain, Dubious! :)

Well, now that I've looked it and know what the heck it is... :laugh: ... Thank you Tom!

I haven't heard the count yet but we had a very large crowd last night. I think it's the coolest thing...


How’d your fingers hold up in the cool air?

Me and the ol’ Strat did fine, the other folks were suffering.


Quote: (Dubious @ Nov. 01 2008, 3:40 PM)

Me and the ol' Strat did fine, the other folks were suffering.


From what? :whistle:

His playing with gloves on I presume! :laugh:

The acoustic was going out of tune as well as the neck thru bass. Dude playing the Tele wasn’t too bad… The ol’ Strat held tune really well though. I checked before and after each set and when I could between songs. The low E was going a tad flat but everything else was really close. By the end of the last set when it was coldest, the acoustic and bass were really wack…

My hands were stiff but not terribly so… it was an okay gig.


Ya gotta love outdoor gigs in the cold.