open multiple tracks

Default for New Song

Does n-tack 7 support opening say, 8 blank audio tracks as default for new song?

I wish Flavio would add this to the Track menu or as a Settings Preference.

1. open settngs Audio to select the protacal (asio, Wdm, MME)
2. Select track options: the setting is under the Rec ( record button) on the Record VU meter. You can set all tracks to open here.
3. Then you select the tracks you want to arm by selecting them in the Setting icon on the same VU meter.

More info:
Once tracks are actually recorded you can arm the indvidual tracks to create “takes” on the same track by clicking on the Rec button on the left of each wave file dsplay.
Hope this helps

Thank you, bax3

I have since learned to use CTRL+2 and open a bunch as needed. (Still wish I could set my own palette of pastel colors for tracks as they are created.)

You can. Set up as many tracks as you want, add whatever effects you want where you want, name the tracks, do everything that you would do for every song file you intend on creating then save it as “xx Track Template” xx = number of tracks you set up. I’ve got two: one for the band I play with, and one for when I’m working on my own. Once you’ve set up your template(s), when you open it, immediately save it as the song file you intend on recording it as before you record, then record! Easy enough. I don’t think FA needs to make a special icon to do something most people are going to customize anyway.

Perfect! Thank you! :)

Duke, I learned to do this a while back when I got tired of having to start from scratch every time I wanted to record a song. I found a combination of reverb and compression to use for mixing down that I thought sounded pretty good, so I saved the settings in each effect, then placed the effects in the Master effects channel and saved it into my template. Now I get the same mixdown for everything I record. I tried using Endorphin for a while, but found that it gave too harsh of a sound. Now all I use is N-Track Reverb, and N-Track Multichannel Compressor (I think that’s what it is), and I’m all set.

Some other things you might want to consider:

1. I use multiple hard drives (3, to be exact). 2 of the hard drives are for OS and programs, and the other hard drive is for recording the music to.

2. The reason for the 2 hard drives with OS and programs is for protection against hackers and viruses. Each of these HD’s has my Windows XP and copies of my N-Track plus other programs. If one hard drive gets hacked by a virus, it’s a short procedure into the Bios setup to change the boot HD to the other HD. In the interim, I can fix the hacked HD.

3. The reason for the separate HD for the music is because of item 2. If your HD gets hacked, and your music is on that drive, you’re stuck with all of your music on a dead drive. With a second drive with OS and programs, I can still work because my recordings are safe. I have yet for a virus to make it onto any other drive than the one designated a C:/

I began using a separate drive for my music after the second time I was attacked. The first time was with AVG and I lost my 0 sector and all of my shortcuts were destroyed, and the paths to my music were gone. The second time I was recording a large project and a virus got in and scrambled all of the wav files. This happened because I had failed to name the tracks. Just because I named the file, it did nothing to protect the wav files. By scrambled, I mean that songs had wav files from other songs and the wav files that should have been under the selected song file were not there. I also found them on the other HD I had been using(this was before the dedicated music HD). I’ve walked through a lot of crap to get to the place where I can finally have peace with this program; but I don’t blame the program.

I hope this helps make your experience a much better one than mine.


Thank you so much for the time to reply in detail.
Yes, I can do the things you suggested!

Quote: (lcmemusic @ Jun. 30 2013, 2:53 PM)

3. The reason for the separate HD for the music is

Yep. It can also, potentially, improve pc performance (reading from one drive whilst recording to another).

"Templates" are an excellent way of sustaining a healthy workflow.

Also, for complex projects, with a modest DAW build, using sub-project/mixes for each element of the track, can be useful.

sub-project/mixes for each element of the track,

Where can I read more on this?
Or if you feel like a bit more explanation. :agree: