Opening a New Session

…doesn’t change the working title

If you’re working on a project, save the project then open a different project, the different project will open, but NTrack will retain the previous project’s name. So, if you save the second project, you will overwrite any previous work you’ve done.

Confirm/deny? Bug or feature?

I’ve just lost hours of work because of this feature (my autobackup overwrote the good backup I had, of course).

I’m the first to admit that I’m obtuse, but, in my opinion, if you open a different project, the differen’t project’s name should be used for the session.


V6 2431

I can’t duplicate that. Unless you had your original saved as new song instead of whatever it’s name is.
n-Track has used new song for years as an opening for new song files.

You lost your wavs too ? - they should be in the recycle bin at worst.

Sorry for the problem man.

Thanks, Poppa–

Nah, the WAVs are still there…but the mix is gone.

I’ve been aware of this problem for a few days, but until now I’ve managed to avoid trouble (by opening a “new” project before opening a previous project.). But without the intermediate step of opening a new session prior to opening a different, older session, I got my knickers in a twist.


Yep - I think we’ve all done that. Flavio may consider a ‘safety’ option in preferences to “ask to name new songs?” when a new song is started - would save on house keeping challenges. I’ve got into the habit of creating folders for my new songs before I even open up n - then I “save as” with a song name right from the start, and even occasionally take a good spot I feel comfortable at to save as songtitleBackup.sng for my own back ups. If I REALLY feel good about a mix I save it to my flash drive then take it to another machine and hide it there. We all have our own little ways of creating I’m sure.

As Poppa said, new folder then always save as first!

But then again Poppa is the man!