Opinions needed

studio recording

Been awhile since I have posted and I have a jam session in a few hours so I have to be brief.

My studio was wiped out in Harvey so I am taking the opportunity to do things a bit differently this time around. To be clear, I haven’t even laid the flooring down yet so I still have a ways to go (probably another year). While I saved instruments and computers, some things just weren’t so fortunate.

Anyway, the guys and I all use n-Track and share files, yada yada yada. However, the differences lie in the location we are at. For personal use, this is fine. When we have jam sessions, we only record with 2 inputs and this work fine. And here is where things will diverge.

At my studio, I want the ability to record 16-24 inputs simultaneously on separate tracks. Drums (7 inputs), Instruments (say up to 7 inputs) and vocals (probably 5 inputs - phantom powered). Some instruments must be mic’d (horns). Should I use a digital mixer? What interfaces would be appropriate? Control surface? What is the best way to achieve what I desire on my end keeping everything within a reasonable budget (say under 5K)?

I will also state that we have not upgraded to v.9 yet and are about to do so before the end of the year. I am sure this will please Flavio. But, since I have used this platform forever (geez Flavio, you tell me), my loyalty factor is rather high.

I’ll throw my hat in. This is a list Flavio should be on (Supported software section). Just my thoughts, but this unit might do what you are looking to do. I’m no expert…but I did find it. Hope this gets you going in the right direction.

Link below to the MOTU
24/192 16-in/8-out USB/AVB Audio Interface.

Cheers :)


These 2 will get the job done at a little over $6 grand. You’ll need a good PC with native thunderbolt input to really take advantage of the low latency these units proclaim. There are others like USB which claim to do the same. Hope that helps.