Opinions on Ozone

Personal preferences

Anyone else use or have opinions on Ozone as a mastering tool?

Anyone else use any other mastering software that they would recommend (or not recommend)?



i love it. at first the amount of stuff in there was intimidating, but i took alot of time to read through the manual and use only the functions that i understood. i have learned a lot from the eq matching functionality.

I’ve got it, still one version one. I have trouble getting my mixes as loud as a commercial mix, but I believe that due to my mixes, not Ozone. IIRC, V2 onwards now also has a final brickwall on the soft limiter (I prefer the sound of the softlimiter over the straight brickwall) so that might have changed - the soft limiter lets overs through occasionally.

I use Ozone 3.08
It is, IMHO, the best mastering software under $400 you can get. It has everything you could need. If your just starting out and learning, it has excellent presets that get you started and help you learn.