organ music????

what the heck???

HEy guys,

This is a wierd one. I begin recording my voice and 17 seconds into the recording, I hear the sound of an organ…doh-da-doh. Is the program trying to tell me something or was the last vodka tonic a mistake?

its in the FAQ… just search the FAQ page for organ.
You need to take action to fully register.

Actually, I just read the organ thing in the registration FAQ…The problem is, I have registered. I have the 24-bit registration codes and I’m using a 24-bit soundcard. I still don’t understand why I’m getting the sound. Could there be a problem with my registration?! I hope someone from FAsoft is on the forum as well. Got a project I’ve got to get done tonight.

That’s problem with 24 bit registration sometimes. Many of us have hit it unfortunately - even when upgrading already registered installations.

Email Flavio. He has a fix for it that needs to be sent via email - he may choose to send new registration codes as well.