Organ Noise on recordings

Getting foreign noise on recordings

I have been using N-Track for some time without problem. I have just installed a new card the Delta 1010LT 8 channel sound card which seems to be working using the ASIO drivers however during recording and whilst playing back I get what sounds like organ notes played periodically.
I have tried using other drivers other than the ASIO ones with the same result.
If I didn’t now better it sounds like someones idea of a copy protection nag.
I can email some one a wav of the noise as consiqently I have many instances of it in my recordings.
Funnily enough I do recoall hearing the sound before but can not remember what it was.
Can anyone help with this poroblem.

Never mind I found a FAQ (I had already checked my FAQs that came with N-Track) that explains I think.
I imagine the new sound card is 24 bit and my N-Track is registered as 16 bit, but I had tried the WMD drivers with the same result. :frowning:
Now I need to work out whether to try the WMD drivers again or upgrade N-Track.