Organ Sound

it’s jumpin on me bad!! LOL!!

Hi again, well i tapped into my version, 4.0.5 i think, so i decide to swap drivers just to see if there was a difference. I opened audio devices & got in there, So then after playback i start getting the organ sound. BTW i started off w/ WDM, then went to try ASIO today, then after the ASIO giving me the organ sound i swapped back to WDM & i’m still getting the organ. I hooked back up to the net & re-registered my version, Still getting the organ! What;s up w/ that? How can i fix it?

Ok! i got it back! Wooo! I removed it from the control panel & reinstalled it. Man, i was about to lose it :laugh: But why did it start doin that when i changed my input & output devices in preferences?