Original Bluegrass Recorded w/N-Track

Pull Up Your Pants

The link above is to my own song entitled “Pull up Your Pants” :p

Mr. Tracy

LOL! I like it! Sounds good on the laptop speakers. The theme is most appropriate as well.

Nice job.


Can’t help but love this song, and I’ve got some cousins back in Alabama that are bound to make it a part of their bluegrass repertoire (I’m immediately sending them a copy). It’s just too much of a fun song to forget it. I know that it is a bit touchy to give your name over the internet, but if the song is original you ought to get credit. Really don’t know the best way to deal with this…

I grew up with an extended family of gospel and bluegrass musicians; a lot of them are gone now, but I can just imagine them laughing at the end of this song, no matter how many times they played it.

For me, this is the real-thing traditional bluegrass, just like I heard it 30 - 40 years ago in my folks backyard back in Winston county. Well played, too.


Great pickin!love the song.Nice clean recording.the stereo image seems incomplete,but i know alot changes mixing down to mp3-Good Stuff