Original: "Here we stand"

Interested in feedback

Good day fellow n-trackers!

I’ve just mixed and posted a new original song on my website which my bass-player friend and I co-wrote - it is NOT a final cut, but I’m open to any kind of feedback regarding anything (mix,sound,arrangement etc).

The song is called “Here we stand” (right hand side of the website) http://lachance.mooo.com/

Thanks in advance!My Webpage


Every time you post an original piece the music just gets better and better. This seems to me to be the best developed song that you’ve done in terms of structure and just overall coolness. I really like the the unique twists that you put into the harmonic patterns, and the shifting feel. Your vocals are extremely good. You definitely got my attention with the high note at the end of the vocal bridge at about 3:15. When this recording is finished, I think that you will have something as good as some recordings that have had lots of playtime on commercial radio.

Some details about the instrumentation/recording that I really like: At about 40 seconds into the song the bass instrument (blended synth/guitar ?) has this growly sound that I found really wonderful. I definitely like the way that the drums come in with some authority.

The only suggestion that I have in terms of recording per-se is that the doubled vocal chorus that comes in at around 10 seconds seemed a bit too far back in the mix. It feels as if the chorus should be the focus of attention at that time, but it is pulled back as if to de-emphasize it, so my first impression was that something was lacking. So, I would bring this vocal part forward a bit in the mix, especially on the first repetition where it really sets the tone for the rest of the song.

Now for a matter that is purely a matter of taste. I’m definitely going to fall on the older side of your listening audience, but even to my ears the synth sound that comes in at about 15 seconds is a bit dated. It is beautiful and emotion rich, but it just evokes ‘Chariots of Fire’ a bit too much. And with it setting the tone, the instrumentation comes off as almost too smooth and movie-theme like. But really, the rest of the instrumention has some bite, and it is just too enwrapped in the sliky polish of the synth sound to give enough edge. I think that you easily give the song a mutch more modern impression just by substituting a synth sound that is a bit more edgy and challenging. Just an opinion - take it for what it is worth.

I am convinced that the first 30 seconds or so of songs are becoming increasingly more important (at least in pop music). There is so much music out there, if you don’t really hook listeners immediately when they bring your song up on their Ipods (or computers or whatever), they will flip to the next song, they’ll never hear the good stuff, and you’ve lost them. I’d pay special attention to that.

Good luck. This is pro quality work, and I feel honored to be able to comment on it.


Hi dlachance:
I thought I would post a reply to your topic/thread…

I see you got lots of roots here where I call home. Most of your links seem to double back to Halifax… South Shore… Dartmouth… and all… My neighbourhood is the Cole Harbour area…

I have a dial-up/modem, so I rarely listen to any music files as a result of this… Someday… EH??



Let me start by thanking you for your thorough analysis - Thank you!

I always print all feedback so that when final mixdown comes around I can refer to it.

I relistened and you’re so right - crank up the vocals in the Chorus - I certainly don’t want them de-emphasized! Also, yes, the synth sound is dated, but I really like it - although I will try something else to see if there is something better.

Thanks man.


woxnerw (aka Bill),

Hey, great to hear from Nova Scotians! I’m actually in Lower Sackville - so do you have a website with your stuff - a URL?


Hi dlachance:
I had a brother WHO lived out there on Hillside, just behind the “Strip”. It was '98 and the first wet snowfall… He was working on his driveway and he collapsed… No one saw him fall… We all miss him… Big Time…

I had a page/site… A keyboard friend of mine posted a page, for me, that I had for a year or until I found I was unable to reach them for support… The host was in New Jersey… Then Bob Parsons and GoDaddy Hi-Jacked my domain… I don’t have that anymore…

You know, there are several of us (n-Trackers) Two living in the Woodlawn area here, I know two, personally, now there’s you… I know there’s more of us around here… We should assemble a 'Bluenose" Chapter… :O ??? :laugh:



I agree with tspringer on wanting to hear a different synth sound. It doesn’t sound bad, but I would like to hear something that is a bit more airy? phaserish? at least in a few places?

I’m not a keyboard guy, so it’s tough for me to make recommendations.

Still a great job on vocals and I really like the tune overall. I’ll enjoy listening as you make minor tweaks…

Thanks for sharing!



Well, it’s hard to argue with common consensus! :)
I’ll try some other synth sounds - ya never know!

Thanks for your thoughts Shayne!


Dan - long time fan of your music. Glad to hear you’re still out there…
Love the song. My only suggestion on first listen is that I’d like to hear the vocals more up front. You have a great voice, and it seems to be somewhat in the background.

Glad to have a link to the new website so I can listen to the old songs from Grafitti Soul. Great stuff… (like the new stuff too)

Keep it coming!

Hey Michael,

Next mix wil have more up-front vocals.