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Hi, i know this is gonna be a stupid question, but how do i return this thing to the original screen shot that came up when i 1st downloaded it (the demo version) it showed all of the tracks on the screen, (or several anyway) & i cant get back to it. Oh! duz this thing support amplitube? i thought about getting that 1 or getting the PODxt. BTW, (to the guy asking bout the $39 mandolin), get it, & if you dont like it you can always return it to MF, i’m not a mandolin player, but thought about giving it a shot.

To get the original screen layout back, you can go to File/Settings/Preferences/Recording Settings, then click the “Revert prefrences to the default settings” button. WARNING: It also resets audio devices and many other preferences & settings, so you may have additional work to do to get things working as they did before the reset.

Not sure about how Amplitube, is working; I tried the demo last year some time, and it seemed to work fine, but I didn’t like the quality much. I personally prefer the external amp modelers over plugins to save CPU for other stuff, but some have raved about the quality of Guitar Rig and other plugins, so as usual “it depends” :D


Try this one and save some money. It’s free and does a pretty good job. The download is at the bottom of the page.

Free amp se

Hey jeromee, someone mentioned this plug earlier (you, maybe?) and I downloaded an earlier version, but never got around to actually trying it. Anyway, I tried it just now…and I like it! Especially for the price :D

Thanks for the link (and the unwitting reminder :) )!


Yeah, thanx jeromee, i’m gonna check it out! and i think i’ll leave my screen the way it was, prolly be easier that way & it werks ok like it is. :D

Amplitude works fine, however to me amplitude doesn’t cute it as an amp modeler. Try rock amp legends, or trash