OT and not about MIDI...


The Missus made me clean up me music room today. I got started and saw my black Strat lying forlornly in that cardboard box in the corner all to pieces. My testosterone fueled “Cleaning house is wimmens work!” brain says; “Hey uh… D? Putting that Strat back together and getting that box outta here? THAT IS CLEANING!!!” The revelation struck me like a ton of dust bunnies. Assemble the Strat it shall be…

An hour or two later…

Okay, pick-ups back in, pick guard wired and mounted… err… STRINGS! Gotta have strings… here’s a set… Darnit! The boy stole the G string to use as an E string on his tuned below sub-sonic Belcho-Master 2000…

Twenty Five minutes later and back from the local string joint

Insert any old off-key melody here

LA-DEE-LA-DEE… AH’M Stringing up the ol’ Strat… LA-DEE-LA-DEE DUM…

There now. Strings on, a little intonatin’ and tunificatin’… plug ‘er in… Holy Moly! That wondrous, nasty single-coil sound! I had forgot how GOOD, despite the noise issues this axe sounded with the stock single-coils in it!

Gonna play this puppy at church in the mornin’… Jus’ have to keep the foot on the volume pedal to keep the ‘buzz’ down during the quiet bits…

One of you chaps with some cash… buy me a set of the new Fender Noiseless single coils eh? I played a Strat with ‘em installed a while back. Quiet as a church mouse and stringy, spanky, STRATTY sounding BABY! Yeah!

Move along nuttin’ to see here. Just ol’ D mumbling, stumbling and bashing on a geetar. (God Bless him… nobody bothered to tell he can’t play for s$%t…)


**Caution: Preemptive YAZ dissin’ Strats ALERT!!

Lay off! Ya’ old Lester Luvvin’ Tarheel! Strats are REAL guitars too! :laugh:

Take that Strat apart after church D - I posted the link for quieting them down months ago. lol

Yeah I know Poppa. Too much to do… no time… etc… I am probably going to sell or trade this one anyway. I need the KB I mentioned elsewhere and a humbucker equipped axe to fill out the arsenal.

Yeah… I know a good shielding job would help. I know what the main offender is at church though. The goofy dimmer packs for the stage lights. Today, when we were warming up, I had buzz out the wazzoo on everything but the 2nd and 4th notch. Then on the last song, dude pushed the lights up to full brightness bada-bing! Buzz gone. He left them full up during the service so I was able to use any p’up I wanted. That Strat sounded gooood…


Not gonna say it!

Wouldn’t be prudent!

Not gonna say it!

Trying not to say it!

Sorry but I tried.

Wasted 3 hours of your life D, if you have a disassembled strat in a box, in a corner, just lying there, the best way to “CLEAN” is chunk the whole box and axe in the trash where it belongs! Now that’s cleaning with no midi involved!

Sorry 'Bama Dude, but you left yourself open on that one! :laugh:

***Retorts are now welcome from all Strat Lovers!

Yaz Paul

Disclaimer: No Fender products were harmed in the making of this reply!

I have to admire your self restraint Yaz. :laugh:

LOL… you ol’ goof-ball…



DAT’S what I’M talkin’ about! Get 'im Ian! :D