OT: Drum Shield/Screen question

What are the options ?

Hi there !

We want to get our church’s drum kit under control, and are looking at either pre made kits (like Isopack from clearsonic) or DIY.

We are looking at the Isopack C, but it will cost 12000 ZAR before delivery, and we have no way of testing the thing before it gets delivered.

Is DIY a bad idea ? We can buy the ISOpack absorber panels for waaaaaay cheaper (300 ZAR per panel), and we have a couple of builders / handymen in our church that’s used to building showers, working with plexiglass etc, and (as you might have guessed) we are not afraid of trying the DIY thing…

We are thinking of building something out of plywood and plexiglass that is closed around the drummer, but is viewable through a 250 degree angle, sitting on the inside. It will have a couple of absorber panels inside, and we are thinking of no roof, but maybe angled absorber panels at the top.

Is this a good idea ?
What else can we try ?

I’ve seen guys with just two sheets of plexiglass in front of the kit, about as high as the lowest cymbals and no absorbtion. What good does that do ?


Btw - this is the Isopac C, and the type of thing we would be trying to replicate (or buy)

Do it, do it, do it - how cool would it be to havea homemade drum iso booth?!

I’d get some semi-rigid fibreglass, attach it to some wooden panels, and cover them in hessian and hinge them all together, putting the semi-rigid side on the inside towards where the kit would be.