OT: Fantastic home-made guitar

with step-by-step photos

Hi everyone. I just thought you folks might be interested in this.

I’ve been interested for a while in the Line6 Variax guitars (I’ll probably wait another year or two for the bugs to get worked out, though). Anyway, in my researches I found a bunch of posts by a guy named Jeff Miller who makes his own guitars from scratch (and then transplants Variax guts into them; apparently, the quality control of the Korean guitar manufacturer that Line6 uses is debatable).

Here is a post he made with complete step-by-step photos of one of his guitars and I’ve got to say it’s one of the most beautiful axes I’ve ever seen. Check out his sound samples at the end (he’s also a fantastic player and a humble guy to boot.)

One of Jeff Miller’s homemade guitars

(Warning: There are a LOT of hi-res photos. Loading time will be intolerable if you’re on dialup.)

[Edit]Here’s his website with a bunch of other guitars.[/Edit]

Hi mrtoad:
Thanks for the links to that fastenating page… This guy is in an elete group of musicians that are beginning to show up all over the planet…

I fall into a Group of Guys that is growing smaller-and smaller… I have a telephone wire and modem… So this page took me some time to browse… I haven’t seen everything on the page yet, but I will…

So, now that I’ve seen this one, I just have to post this link to you, and anyone, on the Board, who might have this fastenation of Custom Made Guitars…


I get involved with this guy from time-to-time when wireing issues come up in the modification and manufacture of these guitars require attention to complete…

This link takes you to one of the most interesting Guitar Projects I’ve ever been involved, with… This Guitar is some 5-7 years old now…

I always say this… Am I that old??

If you notice, you’ll find that the guitar is made for a “South-Paw”… Sorry “Leftys”. That makes everything in the production of the instrument, “Backward”…

This page doesn’t address the manufactuering Detail that your page does , but when you’ve “Been There” you already know that aspect of Bringing Musical Life, to Wood…


thanks for that… i enjoyed the picture story :O

checked out the sound files he posted… wholy crap i love some of those variax sounds… the banjo and 32 reso are cool!

EDIT: yay! it’s my 200 post day!

Wow!!! That red quilted top looks absolutely stunning!!!

Now just let me wipe the drool off my keyboard :)

Didn’t listen to it, but the red is stunning.

those pics are quite awesome, allsounds very impressive too.

I’ve always toyed with the idea of making my own guitar, but never gained the skills to do so… maybe when I retire! (only 30 years to wait!)


Start off small, Duncan, go buy some cheap 2nd hand or pawnshop special and start from there - a refinish, new pickups… I’ve built a few, and I’ll never do it again probably, too much time and effort (especialy trying to get finishes good).


thx willy.

I reconditioned a few drumkits, but that’s a completely different ball game to a guitar! I’ve straightened necks and replaced various parts on guitars. I know you can get prefab parts and build from, there, so I might try that…



Yes, I’ve started small myself.

I recently assembled a pretty nifty guitar from parts I bought from Warmoth. All I had to do was drill a few holes, solder the electronics and bolt the thing together. It took about 3 days working off and on and it was great fun. Truly the best feeling and sounding guitar I’ve ever played.

Okay, enough arm-twisting! Here are some pics:
(I like the tiki torch in the background)

That’s a homemade inkjet printer/waterslide decal.

I’ve just completed the design of my own guitar now - and I’m nearing the “making-phase”.
Intend to make all the wood-bits myself, I bought all other kit (tuners/pickups …) from Stewmac - and I’ve no idea what it will sound like …

To more I get into it, the more I’m confident that “it can be done” - so DSP, I would say : go for it - now.

I intend to tell my story on some website … one day …

"Fare thee well Old Joe Clark
Goodbye Betsy Brown !"

Nice! :D