OT:  I met the friend of a fellow N-Tracker

Another use for the forum?

Now in most cases, when I tell this story it starts with, “I met this guy on the Internet”, and I get very strange looks, but you all know this place better, yes?

Anyway, Bill (Weekendtracker) contacted me recently to let me know a friend and worship leader at his church in Texas was coming to the UK and would like to meet up with like- minded people and have a look at what we are doing at our church.

Normally I read about you US folks meeting up, and well, feel a little isolated on our tiny UK island. Well not this time - the meeting happened this week… I met a real-live person from the internet - someone sort of attached to this forum. We had a great time looking round our church and I certainly went away feeling richer for the experience.

So thanks for the hook-up Bill. And thanks Flavio for the forum, and software which made it possible.


Hi Mark:
Thanks for your post… That’s a great story… It sort of makes the world a nicer-and-smaller place to exist in…

Post a link to some photos of your Church/Audio Setup… Mabey, you already have…


It was my pleasure to act as a go between. Thanks again for your hospitality. We do live in a shrinking world and connecting with people from all over the world is possible when we start to look outside of ourselves. More is happening with this forum than just discussion about recording.