OT: MIDI Cable question

Dumb question here. My keyboard has a round MIDI out cable port. The only cable’s I can find have round ends, yet my MIDI input is, I believe, my joystick port with a square connection. No one I can find, guitar center, radio shack etc. sells a square to round connection.

Any ideas or assistance ???, thanks a lot in advance.



What you need is something such as a Midiman soundcard lead. I’m really surprised you can’t find one as they’re pretty much available everywhere. I’ve just found one in the US on ebay by doing a search on “Midi Cable”.


Thanks since, making the post it seems I might also be able to use a MIDI to USB cable - does that make sense ?

I assume a “USB to MIDI cable” is actually a single USB Midi interface, which you may find costs a little more - but this approach will work as well.


Or you can…

Tony, I have a couple of those round MIDI to joystick convertors…if you want it, I give it to you. I let just one go though. Just let me know if you want it and we can make the arrangements for you to get it. They have been sitting in my desk drawer for years!