OT: NSKit v6 MIDI Mapping

Hi guys,

Since I have asked this question on the Natural Studio forum and there is no sign of anyone giving me an answer anytime soon, I hope you don’t me repeating it here.

I have been using the soundfont version of NSKit v6 (the free one) which has the sf broken down into several different pieces - bass, snare, cymbals, toms, etc. which means that I can run a single, full MIDI drum track through the different sf2s and obtain a full kit split onto several tracks for mixing.

However, whilst the bass (with hihat), snare, ride and toms work perfectly on standard GM mappings, the crashandsplash sf2 produces absolutely nothing when the same MIDI file is run through it using SynthFont.

Has anyone here used the NSKit v6 fonts? And can anyone guide me to a solution to getting the cymbals font to work?


This is probably no help at all Dave, but here goes anyway.

Nskit is not GM. It’s GM-ish, but not completely GM.

If you read the manual, it does give the mapping.

In Cubase SX2, I wrote a map for it (which I put on the Cubase website), but that doesn’t really help in n-track does it? :(

So, ya just gotta write a drummap for n-track I 'spose. (Unless anybody else has done it?)


Here’s the mapping for the full version of NSkitfree 7. I think NSkit6 is the same. The Lite version is a wee bitty different (but not much). And if version 6 ain’t the same as 7, get 7. More layers, and a new Pearl, Gretch, UPIF kit.

NB, between C1 and F2, just mentally fill in every note. (I couldn’t be fussed! :D )

C0 Kick open
D0 Snare Buzz LH
D#0 Snare Buzz RH
B0 Kick closed
C1 Kick open
Snare Click
Snare LH
Snare rimshot LH
Snare RH
Snare Rimshot RH
Hi hat top
Floor Tom
Pedal Hi hat
Mid Tom
Open hi hat
Mid Tom
C2 Hi Tom
Crash 18"
Hi Tom
Ride 20"
China 19"
F2 Ride Bell
G2 Splash 8"
A2 Crash 15"
A#2 Hi hat open (exlusive zone disabled, which means it doesn’t get cut off by another hi hat note)

Hope it helps.