OT... Sad day for America

another icon passes…


I loved listening to this guy…

R.I.P. Paul and Godspeed!


Hate to hear it… I figured he was in bad health because I listen to him on the radio down at work, and his son and others have been manning the mic for a while now.

Yeah… I mean, I’ve been hearing “The Rest of The Story” since I was a little kid. Wow… must mean I’m gettin’ old.


No, you ain’t anywhere near 90.

A little over half way there… I guess that ain’t too bad. :)

I remember listening to Paul Harvey on a little crystal radio I built. My little twin bed was right under a window and I had sneakily installed a dipole antenna under the eve on the end of the house. I use to listen to WLS out of Chicago late at night when I was supposed be asleep. The Dr. Demento Show was one of my favorites…


Fish heads, fish heads
Rolly Polly fish heads
Fish heads, fish heads
Eat them up, yum

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