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why the multiple tracks / files

So when I went to record two tracks appeared - one that showed the frequency of my quitar and another that was just a line. I don’t think I need that 2nd one - how do I set it so that it does not appear?

Secondly, after saving each new song there would be a total of 3 files for each song a saved - the 1st was the n-track Studio Song File and 2 files that were called
New song_1l and New song_1r.
Next saved song would show the 2nd song name as well as
New song_2l and New song_2r. 3rd song saved…
New song_3l and New song_3r, etc.

What are these other two files, and do I need them?

You have a 2 track or stereo input sound card. So by default, n-Track will record 2 mono tracks (one per side) and call them New song_1l and New song_1r. You have the guitar hooked up to the one side and nothing to the other side. In order to make life simpler, you need to do some preliminary setup before recording.

1. File, Save As… and name the sng file the name of the song (I make separate folders under My Documents\Recordings folder for each song). eg Wipeout.sng

2. Make sure the recording VU meters are visible. At the bottom, you will see 2 dots and a hammer icon. The left dot will toggle between gray and green when you click on it (for monitoring). The middle dot will toggle between gray and red (for recording). Also there is a pullup menu that you can determine what you want to do with each track. Finally the hammer icon will let you setup how you want the stereo pair tracks to record.

For your application, the first dot should be green, the second dot should be setup to record a new track from the left channel and don’t record from the right channel. Finally the hammer setup should be set as two mono tracks.

When you record the song now, it will only record one track and will call it the name of your song appended by _1l (eg Wipeout_1l). When you record another track, it will name it eg Wipeout_2l, etc. You can then later rename these files to whatever you want (eg. Guitar 1, Bass, etc).


excellent! Thanks Paul.