other people's music

once in a while, i listen to my soundclick station, pick up the bass, learn and play along with everybody’s stuff (at least everyone that I have there, anyway). I’ve noticed that Tommy and TomS really like the key of C major. Explain yourselves!

Yeah, take that. cool guy…lmao

Beofr cancer stuff was all in D - E - after surgery and radiation C. And very little control. But I’m tryin’…

I like to stick to open tuning on the keyboard…

That reminds me - I gotta make a prototype of my acoustic piano capo.

Hmmm - where’s that walnut post at? duffman?


Uh, I never learned what the black keys were for…

the black keys are only for pounding on when you screw up. that’s why they’re elevated above the white ones.