Ouch , need help bad

Hi Everyone :D

Thanks Nergle for the warning, thats sounds a bit scary.

Thanks Makako I am not sure if i love bits and bites that much, hehe.

Well guys an amazing thing has happened, last night my song STARTED PLAYING. ITS ALIVE , ITS ALIVE ( he cackles wildly ).
No kidding it works and i cant tell you why. I havent done anything that i think would cause it to perform but it is.

There is only one teensy weensy problem. Track number 11 goes dead for 2 secs every 12 secs. I think this is what happens when you have an unregistered version. I have put my codes in and still the problem remains. I just installed build 1775 2 days ago and i forgot to install the codes. So i would get something that sounded like a piano on top of my music and a message telling me that I was unregistered. So i registered and the piano went away but now i get that the dead track every 11 secs like I mentioned above.

The only problem is that this is the Lead Vocal line. ooops.

So anyway if anyone has experienced this i would love to hear from you.

I am throwing a party to celebrate the song playing again and everyone is invited.



Hey again Ted,

I have had many problems with certain files in the past.
Sometimes I would post a querey in here, but usually the answers I got would need a PhD in recording to understand.
Then a nice guy by the name of learjeff, introduced me to this program.DB poweramp
It really works wonders.
Whenever I have a problem with Ntrack playing a file, I just run it through this program. When I bring it back into N, it’s a new baby!
It’s also very helpful in converting files to different sample rates, and extenstions IE wma. mp3 .
Works GREAT! and now I don’t know how I got by without it.

keep shinin’

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for your tip, I appreciate it. I downloaded the program and it looks great.

Well, eventually all problems come to and end and i am happy to report that this one has. I found out what was causing the problem with the vocal track Jeremy. It was the FAsoft compressor plug in. I guess it got corrupted when my CPU freaked out. If I take the plug in off the track their is no more problem.

So now the song works again and so does the vocal.
WHEW, what a relief

Thank You Everyone For Your Help and Input, I really appreciate it.

Ted Roberts