Our next president speaks.


Of course, when I say “next president”, I’m not talking about the Blessed Sarah, but about James T of course!


I think the title should be Shatner Does Palin :laugh:

Anyway, I found out what “Denali” means.
According to wikipedia, it’s a mountain in Alaska.

Which just goes to show how much you can’t trust wikipedia.

After researching more reliable sources:…

Denali is a sort of polar-bear burrito. It comes in small, medium, large, and “the great one” (which is guaranteed to feed a whole family for a week).

It comes from the Inuit word “De’ne’hali”, which literally translated means: “Where did all these darn Mexicans come from?”

But, our Mexican cousins are having the last laugh, the influx of Alaskans into Sonora are proving a great deal of entertainment for the locals as they continue to struggle to keep their igloos up for more than half a day! :D

That was the funniest thing I have seen in like 10 years.

James Tiberius Kirk for President! :laugh:

Yep! Shatner would get me vote! :agree: :)

I love the way his wry humour and he’s not afraid of a little self deprecation.

Seconded Tom!!

now that is speaking the language of the deal. i think.

nicely done tj hooker