Out of sync

What’s wrong ?

I am a new N-Track user, and I have incurred the following problem…after recording a drum track (from a drum machine, about 4 minutes long),I then recorded a bass track on the 2nd track, and when I play back the song, the bass track is out of sync/time with the original drum track…what might be causing this ??
Thanx much,
Stacey S.

Could be many things…more experienced nTrackers on here may be able to find a solution for you…however I’ve never found one. Mine are ALWAYS out of sync once recorded.

What I do is simply set my marker to where the newly recorded track should start, and drag the recorded part to the exact position.

This is assuming of course that the bmp hasnt changed on the new track…


25or624, you have not told us much about your system. If you have a good sound card (interface) then it is best to set program to use the sound card clock rather than the system (computers) clock. Go to Settings > Preferences > Options tab and then uncheck the Use System timer for Playback time and Recording time.
Some people find that the different drivers available for their sond cards work better than others - generally, WDM or ASIO are best - you just have to try one then the other and see if either yeilds better results.
Hope this helps,

I had this problem recently. I’d record a stereo guitar track, and the 2 tracks (recorded simultaneously) would be slightly out of sync. It actually sounded pretty cool, but, hey, you can’t use the same effect on every song, right? Anyway, I reinstalled the drivers for my soundcard and all seems to be in sync again (at least for the time being)…