Out of Sync


I hope some one can help me.

I’m trying out the evaluation version on n-Track Studio and only the first two tracks that I record are in sync. Subsequent tracks lag. Is this a limitation of the evaluation version?

Any advice would be much appreciated!


I have had a similar problem

When I was using the 16 bit version with the mme drivers, I had no problem. When I changed to 24bit asio drivers, all added tracks were out of sink, so now if I add a track I use the mme drivers. I’m using the m-audio 1010lt sound card. I have been going to post this problem also because it seems that the asio would be on track.

I have another program that says my sound card delay is 93ms, but the old drivers must compensate?

I hope someone knows more about it than me. Obe ???

hey guys on the sync problem click the preferrence tab then un-check use system timer. worked for me!:laugh: although i use ver.3 but i think it will work out fine. and obe, try updating your sound card driver. hope this helps…


Might be worth doing a search of this topic on this site and/or the audiominds site.

Could be any one (or more) of loads of possibilities

Good luck

Try what Dean said first. Also, if you’re using an aftermarket soundcard, make sure you’re using the latest drivers from the manufacturer’s website. See which drivers you’re using (“Preferences -> Audio devices”). If you see ASIO, try that first. If you see WDM, try that second. MME is probably selected by default and is the third choice.

If you still have the problem after trying these things, just post again because there are more things to try. This is one of those issues that’s typical when trying to get your first DAW set up. It’s not a limitation of n-Track shareware mode.

I am having the same problem, using a sound card that is in my notebook computer. first track records in sync but subsequent ones, whether punch in or manually set, are delayed. I have tried unchecking the system timers, but that didn’t do it. I have even tried rebooting the computer with still no luck.

One other thing I have noticed is that if I record an entire track, that works just fine. It seems when I record in the middle I develop the problem.

Any more ideas??

That’s interesting, Bob, that it only happens when recording from the middle.

Are you using MIDI? If so, make sure that MIDI is using the wave timer, in Preferences.

Otherwise, I don’t know what the problem is but perhaps you can minimize it by setting up for low latency operation. To do this with a built-in soundcard, download and install Wuschell’s Asio4All (google “Asio4all” to find it).

Then, in “Preferences -> Audio Devices”, select the Asio4All device, and make sure it works. This will lower latency (the time between when the soundcard records the data and when n-Track gets it, plus the time between when n-Track handles the data and the time when it gets played on the soundcard). It might reduce the lag problem. If it does but not quite enough (which you can test by sticking a mike in front of a speaker or directly looping back and recording – be sure you’re not monitoring the input), you can reduce the latency by lowering the buffer size and latency settings in Asio4All’s control panel. Close n-Track when making adjustments or you might need to reboot.

Thanks to all of you for your advice! I appreciate it and will see what works!