Out of the basement...

and into the bar band

Hi all! Long time listener, first time caller…

I’ve been poking my head in these forums for about 7 years, now, and I just realized how little I’ve put up for consideration compared to how much I’ve commented :p

Well, to try to make up some of the difference, I’d like to post these two versions of a song that I wrote and performed during my 2 year stint in Western Australia. I was never much of a songwriter before I moved over there so I mostly contributed to projects over at artistcollaboration.com.

Here is the original track which was captured live from the sound system. The only changes are EQ and compression. I’m 95% sure that the reverb you hear is natural room 'verb captured by the vocal mic.

Beautiful Dramas 1

Plain, huh? Full of my mistakes and poor performance, too! What’s a poor singer/songwriter to do it you can’t just re-record?

Well, I decided to try to polish this “turd” of a recording by laying in some overdubs that followed the tone, instrumentation, and basic live feel of the original. I was even able to use a click from a pool cue hitting the ground to get an impulse so the SIR reverb plugin could replicate the room’s sound! Take a listen

Beautiful Dramas 2

I don’t know what I think. Even if I could eliminate the vox and instrumental errors, polish the kinks out of the lyrics, and tone down my tendency to over-produce…

Anyway, here’s a sliver of my musical life from the fall of 2004. Let me hear what ya think!

- Ben

Wow, what a difference between the two!

You want to post that impluse somewhere for us?

I seem to have misplaced it. I just tried to recreate the impulse, but I chose a funky clap or something. I’ll give it another try and upload tomorrow.